Enjoying a Rainy Day and a Walk at Cape Blanco State Park

Tuesday October 5, 2021 Port Orford Oregon

Rainy day

It was raining when  I got up this morning so I just sat still and enjoyed it with a cup of coffee.

Plans change

Steve came by a bit later and it was still raining. We were going to do a little mechanicing on the van but with the rain we just sat around until late afternoon and never did get that done.rain1


Cape Blanco State Park

Just as the rain was letting up we jumped in the van and headed north the short distance to Cape Blanco state park where the Sixes river is and a light house too.

This was the road we took to get to the lighthouse.road2



The lighthouse was closed which was ok as we didn’t plan to check it out.lighthouse3


A view of the ocean from the parking lot.ocean4


Lone fishing boat

And I spotted one fishing boat out there fishing.boat


Elk river mouth area

You can get to the Elk river mouth through this park by driving down this real narrow road so we drove on over to have a look and parked and walked down to have a look at the beach.path5


View of the beach from there.beacg6


Sixes River walk

From there we drove on over to a trail that leads down to the Sixes river where we went on a short walk to check the river out.walk8


We walked by here on the way to the river.cows9


Eagle in a tree

I spied a big bird up in this tree so checked it out. It turned out to an eagle which flew off shortly.eagle10


Sixes river

We made it to the Sixes river here to have a look. Steve was checking for a big tree that had fallen across the river last winter and was checking to see if it had been removed by someone and it had.river11


Then we walked through these trees headed for another spot to check out the river.trees12


These grazing cows checked us out as we passed on by headed to the river.cows12


We checked this part of the river out and then headed on back to the where the van was parked at the parking lot.river13


We made it through this electric fence gate without getting shocked and were soon back at the van.gate14


From there we drove on back to where I’m staying at Rene’s place. Steve took off for home and I went to Town to the library to use the internet where I am now.


Tomorrow the plan is o head for home a fairly long drive down 101.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Enjoying a Rainy Day and a Walk at Cape Blanco State Park

  1. Janet Smith says:

    Thanks for the reply. We are from Canada and have always enjoyed your blog and pictures. We are hoping the border opens this month so we can head south soon. Safe travels.

  2. Janet Smith says:

    Where did Marty go?

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