Working On Steve’s Fifth Wheel Electrical Problem

Monday October 4, 2021 Coos Bay Oregon

No power

Today I helped Steve try to find out why his fifth wheel living room plugs didn’t have any power.plug


I checked the main breaker box and all was well there.servicebox


And the inside breaker box got checked too and all was good there too.main


Problems down here

But down in the bay something was wrong. I found the plug supply wires down here but they dived under the rig where I couldn’t get so we had a problem getting things fixed.wires


Ran a bypass wire

Steve didn’t want to tear into his trailer to find the problem so we decided to run a bypass wire from the outside main box to the faulty line to get it going which we did and tested it out to make sure there were no problems doing this and it all seemed to work ok.

Back to Port Orford

I got done about three and headed back to Port Orford where I headed for the library to do my internet stuff. I will return to Rene’s place for the night.


Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain some so if it stops soon enough in the day I might take my kayak to the Sixes River and put in. It depends on how much it will be raining.

Nice day.

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One Response to Working On Steve’s Fifth Wheel Electrical Problem

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Nice of you to be a traveling electrician
    and fitting some visiting, etc. into your trip.
    Thanks for taking me along.

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