Enjoying the Day and Getting the Freezer Moved

Tuesday March 2, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Puttering around the yard day

I saw my Brother Barry out in the front yard this morning through my window so I went out to chat. He was going for a ride up in the hills but I decided not to as I’m on my six day of fasting and thought I better conserve my energy.

So instead  I did some chair hopping around the yard just to enjoy the day.

This is one of my sitting spots. Lots of blooms.road


Lots more of my California Dutchman’s pipes are blooming.pipes


Moving the freezer

I’m been wanting to cleanup and move this freezer up onto my back porch so I thought I’d give it a try.frieeer1


It was pretty heavy and I wasn’t sure I could move it onto the porch so I had to think about it a bit and decided it would be best to push it up the steps so I tipped it onto the steps then I needed to help it roll up there as I still couldn’t push it up the steps.freezer


I put a pipe under it so it would roll up the steps and that helped a lot.roller


I’m going to set it up on the porch once I get it cleaned up a bit. Glad that’s done.upright


Enjoying the day

So after that hard work I went out and sat here and enjoyed the day some more.view


Grow panel

A bit latter I went over to get this grow panel to more to a new spot.panel


Here’s another grow panel so you can see what they do. They protect the chickens from wiping out all the weeds so they keep growing to provide food. I plan to put the other panel right next to this one but I noticed some small blackberry vines starting to grow on the ground there so I got the shovel and dug them up.panel2


Of course once I did some digging some chickens moved in so I let them at it and will put the new grow panel down tomorrow as I forgot today.vinesout


Late in the day I sat here for a bit just resting. That’s my brother’s golf cart he uses to get around growing vegetables for farmer’s markets.sitting


I let the chickens into the front yard late in the day.birds


And I watched the sun go down behind the mountains to the west.sundown


I did  a bit more chair hopping and then went on in the house just before dark.

Fixing computer problems

When I tried to make a blog tonight I found all my pictures where too small and spent about two hours to find out how to make them right. I hit all the buttons except for one and that turned out to be the one that fixed the problem.

I also found my new email program does have some of my contacts but not all of them so that is a help. I also spent a lot of time figuring out how to add contacts in the new easy to use email program. It wasn’t easy to use, but I hope it will eventually be.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    I’m sure your yard not only looks but also smells pretty with all the blossoms.

    In case you didn’t get back to my blog for my reply, these are identical to mine. I found them on Amazon.com so you can at least see what they look like. Can’t post pictures in these comment boxes.
    Not sure how they’d work on slippery rocks but for the price it’s worth a try!

    LERTREE Anti-Slip Stretch Snow Ice Grips 10-Stud Spikes Over Shoe Traction Cleats Crampons Rubber Slip-on Shoe Cleats


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