Watering Weeds and Enjoying Sitting Around the Yard

Wednesday March 3, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Spring yard puttering

I started out sitting here today to think about what little things need done today. I knew I should do some watering as it hasn’t rained lately.view


So I turned the water on here mostly to wet the grasses and weeds to get them growing for the chickenswater2


When that was finished I turned the water off and turned it on in another place.

Grow panel

Then I finished setting up the grow panel I moved over here yesterday which just meant putting it on the ground.panel


Here’s where I moved the water to. The chickens like to eat this grass.water4


Tree branch

After sitting some more I rounded up a ladder and cut off this tree breach that was getting too close to a cheery tree. I just cut it off and it fell into the ladder.limb5


I got the branch down and now just have to cut it up a bit.limb8


So I just trimmed it down to here for now.limb9


After sitting around some more watching the sprinkler, I moved it to this spot to  water the newly coming up grasses and weeds.water6


Another grow panel

And I had this big panel laying around so thought I could use it as a grow panel so set it up so some weeds can grow under it.panel7


So I sat around for the rest of the day and put a another shirt on in the evening. But eventually the chill moved in so I headed for the house.

Nice day.

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