Explore Day, a Hike and a Drive and Meeting Readers

Friday March 11, 2022 Ajo Arizona, Darby Road

An exploring day

I went over to Gaelyn’s rig this morning and said how about a walk in the desert to check that stuff out over there.

We could see an old wind mill and some other stuff in this direction so that’s the direction we started out on our hike.walk


We had to pick our way through the bushes sometimes turning back to find another way. I put the boss up ahead to flush out any snakes. :O)walk1


Old mining area

As we got closer we could start to make out what we saw from a distance. It appeared there was some old mining stuff behind a gate with a private property sign on it so we didn’t enter, although we should have as there was no one around.mining2


After leaving the mining area we continued to make a circle slowly headed back to camp going through here. In the background are part of the tailings from the huge Ajo mine and Ajo is on the other side of them.tailings3


We stumbled onto this big flat that looked like an old mining site.flat4


I checked out this cactus and thought, ouch. The cactus teaches one quick around here..cactus5


We walked through this spot , a fairly lush area.sesert6


Mining claim

I spotted some sticks on the ground and a lot of little white plastic jars and asked Gaelyn if she knew what this really is and she did. A mining claim. She decided to make a video  of it but she had a hard time reading the paper that was in the jar as the wind was blowing a bit. I heard a bit of cussing from her direction.gaelyn7


Back at camp

We made it back to the van and it was nap time for me.

Going for a ride

Around two I told Gaelyn it was time to take the van out for a ride so she got her stuff together and joined me. We planned to continue out a road off Darby road called Bates Springs road to see where it went and what was out there.

We stopped here to take some photos.batesroad8


The road was fairly good with some washboard but not much traffic. Another photo shoot spot. We did that a lot.road9


Bobkat guys

We were pulled over in a big parking area taking a break when a truck with a camper came down the road and pulled in where we were parked as if to ask a question and that’s what he did.He says to me, who’s taking care of the chickens? What? It took me a minute to realize he  must be a reader. We chatted for a bit then they took off down the road to a camp spot they like.

As they took off another truck comes up the road that Gaelyn knew, Paul. We shot the bull with him for a bit then I had to drag Gaelyn off as she can be a real chatter box. :O)

We continued on down the main road a couple more miles then turned around and started back, intending to check out the place the BobKat guys went to camp.

The Bobkats

We drove into the road they were on and went down the road to check out the camp spots. On the way back we stopped to shoot the bull for a good bit. I said I likely won’t remember your name because of older age stuff and they said, it’s easy, I’m Bob and his wife was  Kathy, or Bobkat. That’s my spelling as I think they spell it Bobcat.

Here’s their rig parked at their camp spot.bobkats10


Here’s the Bobcat’s with their two little doggies. We’ll likely see them again tomorrow as we plan to move our camp over to this spot.bob12


This area is a fairly lush area so the cactus are pretty big and dangerous.cactus11


We drove on back to camp and took it easy for the rest of the day.

I spotted these two ants doing their best to haul away this clump of sugar I’d dropped.ants13


Nice day.

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5 Responses to Explore Day, a Hike and a Drive and Meeting Readers

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    1st you and now Gaelyn shooting bulls….Are you leaving any for the rest of us?..I have a B.S. Lifetime Permit…..(;+)…………..It was free….

  2. Gaelyn says:

    So now I know why you want me to lead, scare snakes, plus an awful lot of pics of my backside. :D Yet another nice day in the desert and especially nice to meet Bob and Cathy.

  3. Terry P says:

    What is, was being mined there?

  4. I think we might know the Bob and Kathy couple if they are from the Phoenix area. I know they like the Ajo and Darby Well area and drive a white truck camper. If it is them we last saw them in downtown Ajo the morning we left there on our last long journey to the southwest……..Kelly and I took a chance and walked through that property and house near the windmill where you and Gaelyn were hiking. There is a lot of old and interesting stuff there. It’s worth a look-see.

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