Gaelyn and I Check Out the Old Mining Area at the Windmills

Tuesday March 15, 2022 Bates Well Road, Ajo Arizona


Gaelyn and I drove  from our camp the couple of miles to the old mining area at what I call the windmill area, which might be where the original Darby well was.

We parked here and walked in.van15


Old windmill

This is the first thing one sees when they walk into this place. An old windmill that has seen it’s day.mill1


Locked gate

We entered the property around this gate. Gaelyn struggled a bit but made it in.gate2


We walked through this spot by the old water tank by the old windmill.yard3


The place looked like at one time it was a hopping place as we entered to explore. Not much going on here now.yard4


Lots of old stuff

There was old stuff laying all over the place spanning quite a few years of occupation.yard5


I’m not sure what this was doing in here, but it looked in pretty good shape.chair6


Pretty messy

This is the remains of the last people living in this house. I didn’t go in.house7


Lots of cages for something

This looks like an old shop area and it probably was at one time but was converted to some kind of bird or animal cage.cages8


As a matter of fact most of the buildings had been converted to some kind of cages as this one was. Somebody raised a lot of something here during the past.cages9



I walked up this road checking things out and found a spot that they were prospecting for copper so after I walked up it I came back to show Gaelyn the area.road10


Old car

Gaelyn dug that old car. We couldn’t figure out what kind it was so we called it an old car.car11


Up that road I could see this but couldn’t make out what was going on there.what11


Firing range

It turned out to be a guys target range which was being used by the current owners.targets13


Copper ore

This is some of the exposed copper ore that they had checked out but hadn’t mined. Gaelyn filled her pockets with the blue stuff and tried to get me to pack a big piece out. No way. :O)copper14


We were out there for a couple of hours exploring around and when we got back to the van I got the chairs out and we sat and rested and enjoyed the desert before heading back to our camp area.


Bob and Cathy were out and about when we got back so we went over to visit for a spell. We are all pretty good at shooting the bull, a, I mean talking. :O)bobcats16



When the sun went down I retired to my van for dinner.sunset17


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Gaelyn and I Check Out the Old Mining Area at the Windmills

  1. Alan says:

    Looks like you and Gaelyn had a fine time exploring.
    (I have been following her for years so I hit the link to come visit.)

  2. Gaelyn says:

    Yet another great day. Only bummer was not getting that BIG rock!

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