Exploring and Camping Near the Umpqua River

Wednesday October 30, 31, 2013 Near Umpqua River OR.

We got up late today, at least I did. After it warmed up a bit Steve and I went for a kayak. He went downstream to fish and I went up stream to explore.


This is our morning campsite by the lake.IMG_4782


This is my kayak in front of our campsite ready to go for a yak.kayak


The view from the launch area this morning.campview


Steve fished down stream and I went exploring up stream. I went up the little channel on the right side of this pic, but it’s hard to see, just by the trees.channel


I had to pick my way up as sometimes the channel was obvious and sometimes it wasn’t, but that’s what makes for good exploring.

Here is what some of the channel looked like as I paddled up it.channel2


Steve didn’t catch any fish and was gripping about it, and he wanted to leave, so we headed out for the Umpqua river area to have a look around.

We did some looking around, but the Umpqua is big with limited access so we mostly explored some roads, then we hunted for a camp near dark and finally found this place where we spent a peaceful night.slidecamp


Thursday October 31, 2013 Umpqua river area, OR.

Camped up in the hills

Like I said, we had a peaceful night at the last camp and hit the road around ten AM to explore the Umpqua river some. We drove all around, sometimes in the same place twice and ended up south of a place called Elkton, OR. where we hunted and hunted and finally found a nice camp just before it got dark far on a back road, almost to the end of it in a fir forest.

It’s starting to dribble a bit, sorta misty stuff so far.

This is a picture of the Umpqua, it’s rather big in this area.umpquariver


And this is our camp for the night, in a fir forest with light rain, so far.


I’m headed back out to the campfire and I hope to publish this tomorrow in Roseburg.

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