Lots of lumens tonight

Today, I puttered around the yard and did some reading, shopping and banking. I headed for Jenner around six with my kayak to see how the lumens where doing. The high tide was about eight pm, and the sun set around seven thirty, so it was getting dark and bit sooner these days.  A friend, Steve was already down there. We paddled up river about a mile before it got dark, just taking it easy.Steve about yakked my ear off. Anyway, as it was getting dark we headed toward the west end of Penny island down the backside channel. Didn’t see any lumens, it was all fresh water and too early yet for the salt water to enter that area. Lumens is short for photo phosphorous plankton.We started picking up lumens as we approached the west end of the island. There were quite a few smaller fish to be seen, but didn’t see any larger ones. After awhile we headed back up the back side channel and continued up the river just above eagles landing. Lots of lumens and lots of little fish to be seen along the shore line. We decided to take the other side of the river back to the visitors center, that’s the side highway one is on.

Lot and lots of fish in that area, lots of lumens too, even thick in some spots. The fish looked sorta  troutish, I believe they might have been feeding on the krillish looking critters in the water. We got back to the car around eleven PM. Sure was a real nice night out, vey calm and again no one else out there except us.

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