Exploring Bearpaw Mountain Roads and Moving to Sheep Camp

Saturday September 26, 2015 Columbia Creek Nevada, Sheep Camp

We posted several blogs from the top of the dam at Willow Creek Reservoir.  Back to the 22nd.

You might want to visit Marty’s blog to get another view of things on the trip.


As we left our camp on the side of Bearpaw Mountain we turned left to try to go around the mountain on another road than the one we were familiar with. I’d seen the road every time I’ve come in here, but I didn’t have a map of it, so hadn’t checked it out before, but I was pretty sure it would take us back to the main road.

We went up this road and climbed the mountain.road2


I spied some big old bones here so we stopped to check them out. They seemed to be bovine bones. Marty was interested in a skull, but it was gone.bones


We continued on around the Mountain.vans


There were some cattle in the area. They seemed to like standing behind bushes for shade. This is a momma with her little one.cows


We tried this road, but we turned around when we hit what I call a rock mine field, lots of sharp rocks and the road looked like it was petering out. road


We’d passed another road on the way up so we drove back to it and took it. Eventually we headed down off the mountain to the main road, down this road.roadown


When we hit the main road, there was another road across it, so we decided to go up it and see what was there. We stopped for lunch on the road, right here.lunch


After lunch we drove back down to the main road and started on a couple hour drive to our next camp.

We drove by these horses grazing in a field next to a cowboy’s place.horses


This place is called Point of Rocks for some reason. We stopped for a break before continuing on.rocks


Some of the quaking aspen are starting to turn.aspen


We’re headed down into that valley to camp for the night.aspen2


We’ll be camping in the quaking aspens just below center of this picture.camp


We found our camp spot empty so we pulled in and made ourselves at home for another nice day.

The gas leak

Just after we pulled into camp, Marty checked to see if his repaired carburetor gas leak was leaking or not. It looked like his repair had held, so all was good.

Tomorrow we will make it to the Willow Creek Reservoir were we can get some internet access and publish blogs.

We are on our way home, camping along the way.

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