Bruneau River Walk and Moving to Bearpaw Mountain Camp

September 24 and 25 2015

Friday September 24, 2015 Bearpaw Mountain, near Jarbidge Nevada

We decided this morning to move our camp down into the meadow below us on the river to go for a walk in the river.

As we were packing up to move, we noticed this wasp running around on the ground by the vans.wasp


It didn’t take long to pack up and start down the road here.road


We were headed to this meadow on down to the end of it by the river.meadow2


To this spot, where we set up camp just in case we decided to stay for the night.meadow


The plan was to go for a little walk up and down the river in this spot so we got to it. Here’s Marty wading through the water in the river.river


While doing that a big bird flew over our heads which I decided was a immature bald headed eagle just changing to an adult and getting it’s white tail and head.eagle



While walking in the river, I had a little problem getting disorientated and lost  my direction for a bit. I think a lot of it was I was just enjoying myself and not paying attention to directions as I went. It was a weird thing, but with Marty there to straighten me out, I was ok. If he wasn’t there, I would have just sat down and studied and thought of  things until I figured it out. One of the main clues would have been which direction the river was flowing knowing we just came down stream a bit in our vans. Anyway, just a weird experience, makes me think of older age and maybe not being able to do this kind of stuff anymore.

We had a nice walk like a couple of kids going down the river and back.

Moving camp

We decided to move camp on to Bearpaw mountain and left for that around three PM or so down this road. There’s a couple of chuckers there in front of me.chucks


It was a couple hour drive. I had decided to try and go in the shortcut I’d used a few times when I left this spot, but I never had come in this way.

Was this the shortcut

Things didn’t look familiar from this direction until we got to the little pond dam we had to cross and then I was sure we were on the right road and I could relax a bit.

Just below the camp spot on Bearpaw, we ran into what looked like a nice spring coming out of the hill and making a mud hole on the road. It turned out to be the main water pipe was leaking here for some reason. The pipe goes out into the desert about nineteen miles to provide water for the cattle and wild animals.leak


I had put my camera on the front of Marty’s van to do something and forgot and left it there when we got back in our vans and started on up the road. I got a CB message shortly after we took off from Marty informing me that he just saw my camera fall off the front of his van. Lucky he didn’t run over it. It still worked just fine after we recovered it. Lucky it didn’t fall off in the mud hole.

It wasn’t far from the pipe leak to our camp which was just above it at this spot.vancamp



We set up camp and sat around and enjoyed the rest of the day. The moon rose above Bearpaw mountain as we sat and watched the sunset unfold.moon


Great sunset

There were a bunch of clouds in the sky to our west where the sun was setting so we knew it was going to be a nice sunset.

It started out like this.sun


And finished up like this as we watched and enjoyed.set


Steak dinner

We were so busy watching the sun set, we forgot about getting dinner ready before dark, but tonight was rib eye steak so things went rather easy and it was real good too.

Another nice day in the desert.

Friday September 25, 2015 Bearpaw Mountain camp

Today we would just sit around and enjoy the day from the side of Bearpaw Mountain.

Later in the day I walked up behind our camp and took this photo of our camp overlooking the Diamond A Desert.camp2


This is what we did most of the


I heard a cow bellow down below us so when I had a look, I also spied this bull elk sneaking by us.elk


This was the best picture I got of the elk before it entered the quaking aspens and disappeared.bull


When the  golden hour arrived I took this picture of our vans camped on the side of BearPaw as the sun was going down.vans


We watched the sun set.sunset


Marty made us a nice dinner and that was our day. Tomorrow we will be moving camp and starting our journey home.

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