Exploring the Beaver Pond On Thompson Creek, Plumas National Forest

Monday June 26, 2023 Beaver Pond, Thompson Creek Plumas National Forest CA.

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Too nice

That’s what this beaver pond was, so we decided to stay here for another night which meant I could go for some walks and explore the beaver ponds and surroundings.

It was hard to see this pond this morning with all the tree reflections in it.trees1


I went for a walk up the side of the creek along here to check things out.walk2


I found a beaver dam in the creek that the winter runoff broke open a bit. I suspect the beaver will repair it as the spring water flow goes down.dam3


I walked around and looked at the creek to see just what kind of habitat the beaver had made here over the years. They do wonderful things with the water to  make habitat for lots of critters.creek4


I went back to camp and Marty and I sat around for a good part of the day.

Down steam walk

But eventually I got the urge for another walk, this time down the stream going down through here.pond5


Beaver den

I spotter this beaver den on this small island in the  main beaver pond. There were four ponds in this area.island6


The beaver den.den7


And this is the view of the beaver den from the other side, if you  had any doubts.den8


Piles of rocks

I continued down along the creek’s side. All the piles of rocks around here are big rocks slowly breaking into smaller rocks, such as that pile of rocks.flowers9


And these boulders are slowly breaking into smaller rocks too. I decided I’d go by these rocks on the way back and check them out which I did.rocks10


This was another bunch of boulders I checked out which were also slowly breaking into smaller rocks.rocks12


Most of the beaver activity was covered by these willow trees which made it hard to check out this part of the creek.creek12



On the way back I spotted these bones from a big animal, such as a big bull or a horse. I couldn’t find any other bones from this animal.bones13


I’m almost back to the vans as I walked through these trees to return to them.trees14


That was a nice walk around the creek.


Marty put his fishing gear together and tried his  hand at fishing the ponds, but the fish wouldn’t cooperate. They have plenty of food to eat right now with lots of bugs around falling into the water.fishing16


Nice day.

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