Beaver Pond, An Exceptional Camp Spot

Sunday June 25, 2023 Plumas National Forest CA.

Exploring Thompson Creek Roads

We haven’t been able to find any internet service on the cell phone for almost a week now, so the posts are piling up. It’ll likely be a few more days before we get internet service.

But anyway, we explored one side of Thompson Creek yesterday and  will explore the other side today. It proved to be rather hard to find the access to the other road on the other side of the creek, but we did.

We left last night’s camp and traveled on this road to get to the road on the other side of the creek. There is no road access across the creek, except on it’s ends.road1


They have some nice looking meadows up in this area that we drove by.meadow2


Another nice meadow. We are up near the  mountain tops.road4


Back to where we started

We stopped here to check the maps as we just accidentally completed a circle, ended up where we started from trying to follow the roads on the old map we  have. Somehow we missed the access road to the other side of the creek on the upper end, so now we will go to the lower end to look for the roads access.vans5


Right road

We finally got on the right road that went up the other side of the creek. We had quite a time of it trying to get on it. We failed to get on it on the upper end and had to come back to the lower end to find the way onto the road.view6


Muddy spot

We did have to go through this muddy spot, but it looked worse than it was.muddy7


Beaver pond

We went by what looked to us like a beaver pond and thought it would make a good camp spot if we didn’t find anything better up the road and we didn’t.pond8


But we did keep on traveling up the road and had to check this out before we passed it, as it has a bad lean towards the log’s sharp ends.log9


Tonight’s camp spot

Just past that log, we turned around to go back to the pond to spend the night, as it had a nice spot to get off the road and overlooked the ponds.camp10


My view of one of the ponds out my side doors.vanview11



After a good rest I walked on up along the side of the ponds which are part of the creek.walk12


Looking back towards camp from my walk. You can see we have a nice overlook of this one pond.camp13


I’d give this camp spot an exceptional rating and would certainly come back to it at a later time and might even put my boat in the water at a later date.

Nice day.

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