Exploring Usal Creek and Making Video Clips

Wednesday June 8, 2022 Usal CA., Lost Coast Area

Exploring Usal

After taking our time getting it going today we climbed in my van to go do some  exploring of the area and I wanted to gather some video clips to make a video of the area. We left Marty‚Äôs van in our camp spot to save our place.


I decided to drive out the main road coming in to start my videos from this point that overlooks the Usal camping area. I walked out on this point to get some video clips of the below area.road


Squeaked on by

We met two cars coming down the road on our way up. I stopped and got out and talked with the two cars and told them they better back up as if I had to, it was a long way until I could find a place to let them by,  but if they backed up it was only a short distance. They backed up a bit and we squeaked on by them.


After getting those videos we drove down the road and up to a gate by the creek to explore, which I made some video clips of that journey.road2


Creek camp spot

There was a road going down to the creek to a camp spot that we stopped to take a look at here.lmarty3


The camp spot was across the creek and it looked like a nice place to play in the creek for some kids.llcreek4


Down to the ocean

After that we left that area and drove back to the ocean stopping along the way to take some video clips and I took some more video at the ocean, then we returned to our camp and made some dinner.

Campfire tonight

Marty wanted a camp fire tonight so we picked up a few pieces of wood at the ocean that seemed real wet.

After some trial and err0r we finally got some fire going at least for awhile. The wood was just too wet.campfire5


Pushing up dirt

While we were sitting there shooting the bull I saw something moving in the grass that I thought was a little bird so I checked it out. It turned out to be a little gopher pushing up some dirt.gophor


Even though the fire went out we sat around shooting the bull until well after dark before retiring for the day.

Nice day.

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