Traveling to Usal CA. and Camping Out In Our Old Vans

Monday and Tuesday, June 6, 7, 2022 Usal CA.

Headed out

I met Marty on the road and we took off up highway 101 north. It took a bit over 2 hours of driving to get to Usal State park. We turned off 101 onto highway 1 that headed over to the Pacific ocean where Usal is located. We turned off highway 1 onto a whindy narrow dirt road with lots of mud puddles in it. It just rained the day before so things were pretty wet still.

I’m not sure how many miles of dirt road in there was but it was slow going and not that many miles.

Fortunately we didn’t meet anyone on the road coming out as the road is real narrow and difficult to get around a car coming the other way.

Usal beach

This is the first view of Usal Beach where we were headed from the road that comes into the area.usal1


We stopped there for a bit then continued on down the road to  Usal.road2


Big mud puddles

There were a few big puddles in the roads from the recent rains.road


We first headed out to the ocean down this wet road.puddles4


Usal beach

We needed a good break after doing all that traveling so we parked here on the beach for several hours, just enjoying the day.ocean5


Camp spot

From there I took Marty and showed him the different places to camp and we picked this one as it had the most sun. Most of the camp sites off from the ocean had a lot of tree cover with minimal sunshine, but were all very nice.camp6


We made camp which is  mostly just opening the doors and putting out a chair.

Looking around

Once we were settled in we went for a short walk to have a look around our camp spot.wa;l3


That was the first day.

Day 2

We woke up here and pretty much spent most of the day here just relaxing and taking it easy and shooting the bull about old times. I’ve camped with Marty for many years so we have lots of bull to shoot.camp8


Usal creek

This creek flows right by our camp spot. I was thinking there might be crawdads in it, maybe.creek13


Checking for crawdads

I wanted to find out if there were any crawdads in the creek so I rigged this up, a can of fish on a string to test for crawdads.bait7


This bridge was right near our camp spot so I walked out on it and dropped the can of fish into the water. The purpose was to see if any crawfish came to eat the fish. If so, I’d put out the crawdad traps I carry and we’d have some good eats.bridge9


I went back to camp and shoot the bull some more.

Up the trail

A bit later in the day I walked across that bridge and up this trail for a short ways.trail10


Right away I got into these big redwood trees.trees11


I checked the big trees out and spent a bit of time there before heading back to camp to take it easy some more.trail12


Evening walk

After dinner that day Marty and I went for a walk a bit further from our camp spot and checked out some of the area.marty


And then back to camp to sit around until it got dark.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Hope you found some crawdads. :)
    What wonderful trails in through the redwoods! Looks like a great trip so far.
    Nice to have a travelling buddy that you know so well. It makes life more enjoyable when you have shared interests aka ‘bull’. :)

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