Feed and Oil, Setting Up Mike’s Camera and Dominique’s Sweets Blueberry Pie

Monday June 24, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Shopping and helping out my brother

This morning I drove on over to the feed store to pick up some feed for the chickens as it was on the way to my brother Mike’s house.

I got the feed with no problems and drove on over to Tractor Supply and picked up some tractor transmission hydraulic oil for the bulldozer.

Showing my brother the ropes

From there I drove on over to Healdsburg where my brother Mike lives. I was there to help him get his PTZ wireless camera working as he couldn’t get it to work the other day. I’d brought my C2 pro camera which is just like the one he has and my laptop to make sure we could get his camera going. I couldn’t get his camera to go on his computer so I got it going with  my laptop and  made sure it was working then tried to get it going with his computer and it started to work. I spent a good deal of time showing my brother how it works and what it will do.

Citrus eating critters

He has a lot of citrus fruit trees in  his yard and has been having problems with critters eating his fruit so that’s why the camera.

He gave me some citrus fruit and boy is it good fresh off the tree, the stores just don’t compare as far as good flavor.

Camera demonstration

I spent a couple hours there showing him what’s what and I’m sure I’ll have to help him some more as he figures it out. The best way to figure stuff out is to use it and then get your questions answered.

I left there for home taking the back roads.

Feed to the shed

Once home I unloaded the feed.feed


I then transferred the feed to the chicken shed with my dolly and put the sacks away.

Yard puttering and some eating

Then I checked to see how the chickens were doing. There’s a few more new peeps. I put some sprinklers on some weeds for the chickens to graze in. I checked my raspberry patch and my blueberry patch eating a lot of ripe berries. Yummy.

Darn blackberry vines

Late in the day as the sun was going down I got out my loppers and cut some blackberry vines that were growing up in my way. With lots of rain this year the blackberry vines are really growing so there’s plenty to cut, it’s a never ending task.

Dominique’s Sweets

My neighbor Dominique who is also  my chicken partner and does Dominique’s Sweets at the Farmer’s Markets had a blueberry pie that didn’t sell that she offered me part of so I’m working on that. Another yummy.

That was my day for another nice one.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Good that you git the camera working, and like you said the best way to operate is to use it yourself and learn as you go. The Blueberry pie sounds wonderful.

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