Nice Paddle at Jenner Today and Some Birds Out With Their Little Ones

Wednesday June 26, 2019 Jenner CA.

Nice day for a yak at Jenner

Yesterday was a lost day as I got hit by corn stuff and didn’t’ sleep so napped on and off all day and went to bed early.

Today was better as I got a decent nights sleep last night, even sleeping in a bit.

Headed down to Jenner and windy

So I was off to Jenner to kayak for the day on the Russian River.

I put the boat in the water noting it was fairly windy but I didn’t care much as I was gong yakking today.

I paddled across to Penny Island and decided to go up river to Muskrat about a mile.

Little ones

I passed by this mallard duck with about a dozen little ones that she led off into the grasses there as I went by.ducks


And I passed by these three grebe with turned out to be a momma.grebe


And her two young ones.grebe2


Old redwood logs

I always stop in these old redwood logs and sit and have a look around before continuing on up the river along the edge.logs


The wind was less up in this area where I was headed along


Muskrat spot

I made it to this spot I call Muskrat because there are a  lot of muskrat nests in the bushes along the shoreline. Some fog was waffling in over Jenner down there.view


I sat at Muskrat for a spell before turning and heading back down the river along it’s edge taking my time poking along.

Otter’s log stop

I pulled in close to this log I call Otter’s log and sat for a bit before moving on.log



I was thinking blackberries so I pulled into shore here at the Swamp Rock trailhead and got out to hike around and look for ripe berries.yak


When I walked up to where the berry field was I didn’t recognize the place. I finally realized the grasses have grown up over the berry bushes hiding them. I walked around in there and found some ripe berries.jenner


Some ripe blackberries and some red ones that I sometimes eat too.berries


Sat down and enjoyed here

I walked around and ate berries when I found them and then went back to where my boat was and sat down in the grasses and enjoyed the day for a bit.

These are the fingers of a happy berry eating  man looking down towards the town of Jenner where I’m headed shortly.berriesstain


Waited for the ramp to clear

I’m taking my time going to the boat ramp as some biologists just pulled up in their boat and are getting their boats out so I took my time giving them time to get out of there. Fog was rising off the water as I went.foggy


Here’s the biologists loading up their boats coming in for the day after a hard day working on the water somewhere up stream.biologists


Once they cleared the ramp I headed in and loaded my boat up and went on home for the day.

Putter putter

I puttered around the yard doing some watering and chair hopping and some planning for tomorrow for things that need done.

Here’s Goldie with her 12 little peeps.peeps


Nice paddle on the river today.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice yak ride today. Love the babies, ducks, grebes and chicks.

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