Fence Construction, a Motorcycle Ride and Some Planning

Sunday April 8, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Building a small fence

I felt pretty lazy today. I was puttering around in the yard when I decided I might as well get some pieces of 2 inch pipe out of the bushes and clean it up. I need a piece of pipe about eight feet long and all I have are small pieces so I need to weld the parts together.

Here’s the dirty old pipe I collected.pipes


I hosed the pipes off with water. Not real clean, but clean enough.washed


Cutting the ends square and welding them up

These smaller pipes needed the ends trued up so I cut the ends that were not square off with my metal cut off saw.

Then I butted the pieces together and welded them up to make a long pipe. I also welded some brackets onto the pipe.weld


I then put a coat of paint on the prepared pipe and let it dry some.paint


Digging a hole

While the paint was drying I got the post hole digger out and dug a hole for the pipe.hole


I was going to get some cement for the pipe but I decided it didn’t need any as the fine rock I had will work just as well and I already have that.

Pipes installed

Here’s the pipe in place.pipeup


I need to get some 2x4s to bridge from the garage to the pipe so I can put up a small fence in this spot then I will plant some trees or bushes here.

Dirt for planting

I brought over some better dirt from the garden.dirt


Afternoon motorcycle ride

After a break I decided a motorcycle ride up the hill to check things out would be nice. My brother Mike’s motorcycle is in my carport so I hoped on it and took off up the hill. As I got through the first gate I realized I forgot my camera so no pics of the ride.

The sun was out and I had a nice ride. With the heavy recent rains there’s lot’s of water flowing down the streams coming out of the hills.

Making plans

I spent the rest of the day planning another garden enclosure, a chicken coup and an outside cleaning sink would be nice too.

I need to start getting materials together to build these things. Some materials I can scrounge and some I will need to buy.

Seems I always have plenty to do around here. Had a nice day.

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