Jenner Paddle, Walk On Poison Oak Alley Trail and Some Birds

Monday April 9, 2018 Jenner CA.

Nice day for a paddle and a walk

Too many itches to sleep well last night so I didn’t get it going until about noon. I’m still getting some corn in my food somewhere but I haven’t been able to figure out where yet.

Tried to get some shocks for the van

On the way down to Jenner to kayak around 1, I stopped at the local auto parts store to order some front shocks for my van. Only trouble was they didn’t carry the one’s I needed so that was a bust. I’ll  have to order them online.

Muddy water

From there I continued on down to Jenner to kayak. The water was muddy and up a little from the recent rains. But the wind was down and the muddy water didn’t matter much.

The boat ramp was a bit muddy though, so I got a bit of mud on my shoes and in my boat, but hey, that’s boating.

I paddled on up along the north shoreline and stopped by this rock in this spot to sit for a spell.river1


This was my view from that sit spot looking back down at the town of Jenner.sit2


I continued to paddle up river along it’s edge and went by these flowers blooming.flowers3


From there I crossed the river to the south shoreline and paddled up to Eagle’s Landing and sat for awhile just taking it easy.

Eventually I started back down the river.

I stopped in these redwood logs for another break.riverlogs4


When I left that spot I followed this pair of mallard ducks down river for a bit.ducks5


Swamp Rock for a walk

I wanted to go to shore for a walk, but the tide was out and most of the river banks were covered in mud which I was trying to avoid.

The shore is muddy to my left, but just up ahead there is some gravel I can get out on and not get muddy.gravel6


I landed at a place I call Swamp Rock Trailhead to go for a walk up along the river on a trail I call Poison Oak Alley Trail.

It goes through here. The poison oak is dormant right now but the place is loaded with it.wa;l7


And through this brush. I did notice lots of wild blackberry blossoms out so maybe it’ll be a good berry year.trail8


Nice grassy spot

I walked about a  half mile up and back and returned to where my boat was. There was a nice grassy spot by the boat so I sat and watched and took it easy sitting in the grass for a bit.grass9


Winds dies

While I was sitting there most of the light wind died to barely a breeze, so when I put the boat back in the water it looked like this.water9


I paddled by these merganser ducks. A male and some females. It’s mating season you know.mergansers10


Water’s flat

I decided to paddle down the Penny Island back channel that looked like this as I drifted down in the current.channel11


Lots of birds

There were quite a few birds near the lower end of Penny Island.

This great white egret was fishing and catching some real small little fish.egret12


There were a pair of crows feeding in the rocks. I watched as this one turned over rocks to find some kind of food under them.crow13


I paddled by this pair of birds on the lower end of the island.birds13


Just past them were a bunch of birds. Mostly seagulls and terns.birds14


And I went by this cormorant just resting on the log.cor14


I pulled into the boat ramp just after 6 and the river looked like this.ramp


Once the boat was on the car I drove on home and that was pretty much it for me today for a nice one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    What a wonderful yak you had today! Love all the birds you see and your pictures are beautiful.
    I’ve never seen the water so muddy in any of your other rides. Nice that you found a gravel spot to walk a bit and rest. The water looked so smooth.
    those tall blue flowers are so pretty!

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