Final Van Prep and I’m Ready to Roll to Quartzite

Sunday February 9, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Final van prep day

That’s what I did today. I did all the final van stuff I  had to do and am now ready to travel tomorrow morning bright and early.

I’m headed to Quartzite and taking a different route this time. I plan to go down 395 and do some exploring on the way down.

The chickens were eager to get out this afternoon. I’m leaving them in the hands of my chicken assistant, Dominique, a neighbor.chickens


Internet might be hard to come by for a day or so. I should be able to post once I get to Bishop where I plan to do a bit of exploring so I’ll see you there.

Nice day and I’m ready to roll.

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2 Responses to Final Van Prep and I’m Ready to Roll to Quartzite

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Travel safely! I hope Dominique doesn’t get too hungry while you are gone! :)

  2. DAVID EVANS says:

    Hey Bob…Big moon, clear sky, and lots of stars!……I’d still have to put chains on to get out of my property…….
    I’ll be watching ya!…….
    Maybe I’ll be hitting the old gold mines in Idaho next month..
    Have Fun, ride safe..

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