Fine Day Working In the Forest Burying the Spring Water Lines

Sunday November 15, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Spring water line burial

I had planned to do some stuff in the yard today but I couldn’t remember what it was.

So whatever it was it couldn’t be too important or needed done too badly.

Instead I loaded the tools on the quad runner and rode on up into the hills where I’ve been working burying the spring water pipes.

I parked here at the work area.quad


Covering it up

I started here burying the water line covering it up with dirt.ditch


And worked my way down the water line trail covering things up as I went.trail


Got a nice little trail

The pipe got buried and I got a trail.coveredup


I continued down the trail burying the pipe as I went by pulling the dirt down from the upper hill side. See the rock in the back.tral5


Rock pile

That’s to mark where the pipe has a coupler in it so I know where they


Around 4:30 the sun went over the mountain and it started to darken up a bit. I’d done enough work for the day burying about a 150 feet of water line so I sat around a bit just enjoying the nice peaceful forest while the rest of the world is going mad. :O)

Christmas trees

I took a different road back going through here, mostly fir trees also known as Christmas trees around here.road


Water in the tanks

I stopped by our water tanks to check the water level and make sure the work we did on the input lines was working out. The tanks were 3 quarters full so that was good. See the pink ribbon. It marks the reverse of what it is.tanks


Things looked good at the water tanks so I rode on home going down this road.road9


Yummy apples

On the way I stopped at one of my brother’s gardens as I knew there were some good winter apples there, so I picked a couple. Yummy, very crisp and flavorful.apples


Once I made it home it was almost dark so I shut the chickens in their pens and walked around the yard for a bit and then went in for the day.

Nice day getting some exercise in the forest.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    All that exercise makes you strong! Great job you’re doing … I love the idea of a trail. It’s why I get up so early in the morning … to sit outside in the quiet. If there ever is another fire, you’re covered.

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