Free Potatoes and More Work On the Spring Pipe Burial Up In the Hills

Monday November 16, 2020 Guerneville CA.


I was trying to think what I wanted to do yesterday that I forgot and remembered last night. My brother Tom had some defective potatoes in his garage I could have and I needed to bag them and  put them in my fridge so they’d keep a lot longer.

The potatoes have defects that make them not something you’d want to sell to your good customers. Like bug bits and holes and shovel slices. Things I can cut off when I use them.

Corn-less potatoes

I put the taters in bags and took them over to my fridge so that got done. They’ll keep much better and longer in the fridge. Guaranteed no corn on these taters, just the way I like them.taters


I had other things to do around the yard but nothing pressing, so they could wait.

Spring pipe burial work

Instead I wanted to go back up in the hills and try and mostly finish up the section of pipe I was burying as there’s some rain supposed to come in and the fresh dirt I moved would get a bit muddy.

I rode on up into the hills with the quad runner and some work tools to this spot where there is a spring pipe crossing on the road.quad


This pipe needed burying but first I had to dig a small ditch for it which was easy as the dirt was real loose in this area.pipe


The ditch is dug and ready to have a bit of dirt put over the pipe.pipeline


Buried pipe

I got the pipe buried  in this spot which wasn’t much work as the dirt was all loose.trail



I had a couple of pipe couplers in the area so I rocked them and put some used feed bags over them to mark the spot and help keep the dirt out so I could find them if I need to years later to work on the system if need be.rock


Peaceful forest

Once that was done I took a nice long break enjoying the fall forest for a bit.

Bit more work

Then I decided to start the ditch in the next section here but only did a bit before taking another break to enjoy the evening as it would be getting dark soon.pipe2


It gets dark early this time of year so I headed on home before it got too dark.

Rainy ride

If it rains good enough tomorrow it will be a good time to go for a ride to check for any water damage caused from the forest fire work. Taking a ride in the rain is always a fun thing to do if it’s not raining too hard.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Free Potatoes and More Work On the Spring Pipe Burial Up In the Hills

  1. Nancy K says:

    Now that’s a potato bonanza!! Nothing better than fresh home grown.

  2. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    I just bet your home grown potatoes just melt in your mouth. Nothing like a small steamed potato with butter.

    Really admire the work you are doing with your water lines. A very smart idea to cover your lines in case of another fire.

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