Finished Mulching the Blueberry Patch and the Chickens Helped Out Too

Friday August 24, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Getting a new pole

My brother said the electrical guys were coming early this morning to replace this pole so the power was out most of the day, but no matter, I had hard work to do that didn’t need any power except from me.workers1


Hauling wood chips

I wanted to get this part of the blueberry patch mulched and tidied up so I started hauling wood chips from a pile about a 100 feet away.dirt2


Mulch piles

My plan was to dump piles in the patch like this and then turn the chickens loose in there to spread things around a bit.piles3


Hard working chickens

I let the chickens in once I was done and let them go to it.chikckens4


Tending the chicks

In the mean time I fed and watered the other chicks and pulled some weeds up to feed them as it’s a good way to get rid of weeds.chicks


Worn out again

I puttered around the yard but was really too beat to do much more.

I did put the water on after the chickens flattened the piles down a  bit.water6


I let the chickens back in after the water stopped so they could continue their job.water7


The chickens did a good job leveling things out. I have most of the blueberry patch done now so I can get on to some other projects once I get rested up.

The guys got the new pole up and left around three or so.

Eating lots of beans

I spent some time picking pole beans for supper tonight. I need to keep eating them as they are coming on fast and might get ahead of me. Any extra the chickens can eat if they do get ahead of me. I put them in the pressure cooker for three minutes and they come out nice and tender. That’s for me, the chickens eat them raw.

Well that was it for me for a nice day.

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  1. PatsyIrene says:

    What a clever idea with the chickens doing the work for you. Can you train them to push wheelbarrows? You could build some small ones to cart the mulch too! :)

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