Visiting, Puttering, Chair Hopping and Weed Pulling For the Chicks

Saturday August 25, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Did some visiting

I got it going today and then drove on down to visit with Ray for a bit. His brother’s with their wives were all there and they were all headed down to the Bay Area for a big family reunion.

I visited until they had to leave and went on home.

And puttered a bit

I puttered around the yard most of the day, not doing much of anything, but puttering just the same.

I work, they win

I pulled some weeds to feed to the chickens as they like them a lot. I pulled them out of my brother’s garden so it’s a win for him, a win for the chickens while I do all the work. I was feeling low on energy around 3 so cooked up something to eat and then felt like I needed a nap after that and I never did get it going the rest of the day, so just chair hopped around the yard.

Lazy day.

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