Finishing Off the Well and Paddling Around Jenner

Friday March 13, 2015 Guerneville CA.

First the well and then a paddle

The well guys were here at 8 again, so I was up and went out to see what’s up. They started pushing the water out of the well casing trying to clean the dirt out of the well. They worked on doing that for three more hours.It wasn’t quite clean yet, but they figured they were stirring things up down there with their turbulence caused by the great water movement, which was more than forty gallons a minute. They said it should be alright with the pump we would use and we should pump it out some before trying to use the water. That all seemed as it should be, so they stopped the water cleaning process about 11AM.

This was what the water looked like when they started this morning. Cleaner than yesterday when they stopped work. The photo makes it look dirtier than it was.wellwater


Here, they are starting to take down the setup and getting ready to put the top seal on the well casing.drillers


They lowered the boom and moved the truck out from the well head.boomdown


Steve putting wet cement into the mold for the top seal.seal


Cleaning up a bit and playing in the mud.cleanup


I helped them get their trucks out on the road by stopping traffic and they were gone.

The guys from Fisch Bros. Drilling worked well together and kept me well informed what was happening and were a pleasure to work with.

Time for that paddle

It was just about noon, so seemed like a good time for a paddle.

I headed on down to Jenner and put my boat in the water and headed on up the river.

Wild Turkeys

On the way driving down I saw the wild turkeys in the field between the river and the road, so I headed over that way to see if I could spot them.

I couldn’t find them at first. The fog was coming off the shoreline where the water just receded from going while going to low tide.fog


Suddenly, I heard a gobble and turned around and saw the turkeys under some willow trees. The tome was displaying but didn’t get any takers while I was watching.turkeys


I watched the turkeys for a bit, then continued on up the river were I went by these two geese resting along the river’s edge.geese


I continued on and saw some turkey vultures up ahead on the shore. I watched them for a bit, but I it didn’t look like they were eating anything, just taking it easy. Here’s one of the vultures and a calf.vulture


I crossed over the river to Muskrat nest area and sat for a bit, then started back down the river on the south side stopping here and there to take it easy and watch.

I had just passed the Eagle’s landing area when I heard a big gobble. When I looked across the river, there was the tom again displaying.tom


Headed down river to the open mouth

From there, I decided to paddle down to the rivers mouth area, so I went down the island back channel. I was paddling along almost to the mouth, when I saw John over by his house, so I went over to shot the bull with him for a bit. While he was talking with me, while I sat in my boat, I could hear an osprey some where in a tree just over my head. I finally spotted it.osprey


About that time a big bird flew by rather fast with about a half dozen crows were flying after it. I barely saw it, but that had to be an eagle. I left John and headed for the mouth. I saw this loon and as I got closer to it, it did this.loon


I made it down to the river’s open mouth where there were a bunch of harbor seals resting on the beach and a few in the water too. mouth

I sat around and watched things for about a half hour, then headed in for the day and went on home for a nap and that was about it for my day.

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