River Otters, Birds, Harbor Seals and Sea Lions While Paddling on the Russian River

Saturday March 14, 2015 Jenner CA.

I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning just after 11. I crossed over the river to Penny Island where this king fisher put the tease on me. It stayed long enough for me to get a couple pictures of it before taking off up the river. I only got some photos of it, because I took a chance and got the camera out, even though I was pretty sure it would fly away just as I raised up the camera.kingfisher


I headed on up the river and ran into these two terns. I haven’t seen any terns around most of the winter.terns


There were a bunch of kayakers coming down the river on the side I was going up, so I crossed over to the other side of the river going by Paddy’s rock where these ducks were resting on the gravel.ducks


Once the other side of the river was clear of boaters,  I crossed back over to that side to a place I call Dead Deer Gulch which is here. I sat there for quite a spell enjoying the day.deergulch


Osprey with a fish

While sitting there  two ospreys flew over my head, one with a fish in its’ claws.osprey


Eventually, I started working my way back down the river when I saw this loon with some good sun on it. It was diving and fishing underwater.grebe


As I was coming back towards shore from taking the picture of the loon, I saw some movement by some rocks so I investigated and this is what I saw, under the big rock.otters


River Otters

One of the river otters was eating something which at first I thought might a a steelhead fish, but it didn’t’ look right.ottereats


If you look close enough at the above picture you will see the otter is eating some kind of bird. The river otters seen to like most birds, just about anything they can get a hold of.ottereatsbird


The otters were headed back up the river where I had just come from. I followed them watching and trying to get a photo once in awhile. Just about everything on and in the river is otter prey.otts


There seemed to be two of them as far as I could tell.  I think I caught this one sticking his tongue out?otters2


I was watching them here and then they swam out, looked at me, dove and I didn’t see them again.kissotter


Shot the bull too

I started down the river again and ran into my cousin Laura and her friend John in their kayaks. We shot the bull for quite awhile before they continued up the river and I continued down the river.

While I was talking with them, another osprey flew by with a fish, likely headed to it’s nest up the river.ospreyfish


Sitting harbor seal

I paddled on down the island back channel and was sitting near the end of the down river end of the island when I spotted this harbor seal sitting on the gravel just beneath the water not far from me. I didn’t seem to bother it and left it sitting there as I headed down towards the mouth.seal


As I was nearing the river’s mouth, this brown pelican flew by.pelican


The brown pelican landed by these other pelicans which were bathing and preening.pels1


River’s mouth is open

I paddled over by the open river’s mouth where some harbor seals were taking it easy on the sand. Looking out the open mouth into the Pacific ocean.rivermouth


Sea Lions

I sat around the mouth area watching for about an hour and just started back for the day when these two sea lions who had been swimming around near me earlier, but moving too fast for me to get a picture, surfaced in front of me when I had the camera up and ready to go. They are quick and don’t usually stay on the surface long enough to get a picture.sealions


I headed on in for the day and went on home.

At home, after having something to eat, I went out and did some yard work and just sat around in my chairs around the yard enjoying the evening.

I also did some prep work on figuring out how to hook up the new well. I think I have  most of it figured out and just have to measure everything now.

That was it for another nice day.

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