Fire Trail Road Maintenance With The Bulldozer

Friday January 21, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Tom trims my trees

My brother Tom pulled his tractor and trailer into my yard this morning to do some work.trailer4


He wanted to trim up some of my fruit trees so he could  have a better view from his house. He brought his tree trimmer over. He said I wasn’t pruning my apple trees right as they were too high. He was right so he started with those, trimming the tops way back. I left him at it and went up into the hills to do some dozer work.tom


All trimmed up

When I returned just before dark he had the trees all trimmed up and looking good.trees3



Anyway, as I said I headed up into the hills to do some dozer work but stopped here and cleaned the rocks off the road that had fallen onto it during the winter.raod5


Bulldozer work

The dozer was about half way up the hill. I had to add some transmission fluid before I started it up to do some work higher on the hill.dozer6


Main fire trail work

It started right up and I headed on up to the main fire trail where I was going to do some work on the road out this way. You can  see the big dirt berm on the outer edge of the road which I plan to remove in most places.road7


Berm removal

During the forest fire a couple years ago the fire guys put a berm on the outside of this road which isn’t good as the water can’t get off the road when it rains. When that happens the water runs down the road collecting more water as it goes and when water collects like that it runs faster and faster and starts to wash out the road. My job today was to knock the berm off the road edge so the rain water just washes off the road and down the hill and doesn’t collect and wash stuff out.

All the roads up here are out-sloped with no berm so there is very little road damage during heavy rains.

Here you can see where I’m knocking the outer edge off the fire trail.burm8



It looks like this when I’m done and now there will be no more water damage or washouts, even when it rains real hard.road9


Ridge top

That didn’t take very long. After that I drove on up to the ridge top and did some fire prevention work.ridge10


This old fire trail was overgrown with brush so I dozed the brush off of it and now it’s a good fire break. That trail also goes to a real nice place to cut firewood as it’s flat and there are some real big madrone trees in the area which makes real good firewood.road12


Headed for home

When I finished that I could see it was starting to get dark as I  headed back down the hill to park and get my quad runner.

I went down this road which was down below where I parked the quad runner.road13


I parked here and now had to walk about a half mile back up the road to where the quad runner was parked.dozer14


I made it up the road to the quad up ahead and rode it on home.quad15


Nice day.

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  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    It makes much more sense what you did than them putting a berm up.
    You got a lot done even with Toms help on the apple trees.

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