Foggy and Brown Pelicans While Paddling Around Jenner

Friday September 11, 2015 Jenner CA.


It was foggy as I approached Jenner this morning and put my boat in the water.

I paddled across the river and up the side of Penny Island where I saw these two merganser ducks resting on this big log in. mergansers


Pelicans fishing

Up ahead, I could see some brown pelicans circling and looking for fish to dive on, so I headed up there and planted myself pretty much in the middle of them.birdsfog


They were flying around looking for fish in the water.pel5


I think they look like dinosaur type critters.pel3


Trying to take pictures of these birds was about the same as trying to take a photo of a fluttering butterfly, but I kept trying just the same.

I was eyeing this one as it came in closer and closer.pelican


It started to maneuver, so I got ready to try for that action shot, diving.pel


It was fast and this was the best I got.dive


I got it hitting the water too, well just a split second after maybe.splash


I sat and watched these big birds circling and diving for about a half hour before I moved on up the river to the muskrat area where I sat for a good while, before starting back down the river.

I was just going by this spot.russianriver


When this kingfisher temped me for a picture, which I got just before it took off, which is better than usual as they usually take off just before the picture is taken.kingfisher


Closed river’s mouth area

By now most of the fog had lifted for a nice day. I headed on down to the river’s mouth to see what was going on and pulled in up along the sand and sat and watched.mouth


These harbor seals were across from me. Most of the harbor seals stay on the ocean side when the mouth gets closed, so there weren’t many here today.seals


Haystack rock

Some brown pelicans were resting over in front of Haystack rock. You can really see how the rock got it name right now with all the yellow lichen on it.haystackrock


I noticed this group of younger pelicans off to the side on the left of the above picture.juvpels


The more mature pelicans seem to have white heads as you can see.landingpel


Eventually, I headed on back up the river and went on in for the day. From there I drove on over to Santa Rosa to get some corn less coffee beans and some magnets at Harbor Freight.  Corn less coffee, 25 dollar a pound, three pounds please. People say that’s a lot of money for coffee. I reply, how much do you pay for your drugs? :O)

The magnets I got to make a new bug screen for my van, as they hold the thing in place. Oh, I also got a hot stick glue gun which I will try to use to hold the magnets in the bug screen.

On the way home, I stopped by to do some visiting with the Sandburg’s and had a nice visit.

That pretty much was my day.

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