Brown Pelicans Fishing and Steve and I Walk on Penny Island

Thursday July 30, 2015 Jenner CA.

I put in this morning to a bit of overcast, but it cleared to sunshine shortly and warmed up a bit. I paddled across the river to Penny Island and Steve joined me. We headed down the side of Penny Island headed towards the river’s mouth area.lrussianriver


Pelicans fishing away

There were a couple brown pelicans diving just to the right of me as I paddled along. Here’s one of them as it flew by me setting up for another dive on some fish.pelican


As we went by the lower end of the island there were some more brown pelicans fishing  and a tern in  there too.tern


These pelicans weren’t diving for fish, but just getting low and skimming the surface with their big bills, like this.pels


There were harbor seals swimming all around us as we paddled along headed for the mouth.seal


River’s mouth area

The river’s mouth was wide open with a lot of people and a lot of harbor seals resting on the beach too.

Here we are approaching the river’s open mouth area with a high tide coming into the river.mouth


A few of the harbor seals and brown pelicans resting on the sandy beach.critters


Little walk on Penny Island

We sat around the mouth area for a bit, then headed on back up the river to the back channel of Penny Island. Here’s Steve as we enter the island back channel.  We’ll go to shore just past the big redwood stumps for a little walk on Penny Island.steve


We went ashore here for a walk on the lower end of Penny


I was following Steve around as we walked around the end of the island in the swamp grasses.island


When we got back into our boats I saw these little pipers feeding along the shoreline on the upper end of the back channel.pipers


I left Steve as he continued up the river and I headed on in for the day as I was tired out and needed a nap.

This was what it looked like as I headed back to the boat  ramp for the day.jenner

Couch for a nap

I went on home and hit the couch for a nap. Later I went outside and picked some prunes and put them out to dry in the sun. I also harvested about a dozen red potatoes from the potato patch and that was about it for the day.

Nice day.

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