Foggy Paddle and a Walk on Poison Oak Alley Trail

Tuesday December 8, 2015 Jenner CA.

I could see Jenner was fogged in as I drove into town this morning. But the wind was down, so I put my boat in the water. Ray was already there putting his boat in the water.

Todays mouth breech was canceled

The lady running the visitor center said they canceled opening up the rivers mouth because the ocean was too rough and I think there was too much fog which made things unsafe to do it.

Foggy foggy

We paddled across to Penny Island and decided to head on down to the mouth area to see what was going on hoping the fog would lift soon, but it didn’t.

You can see the fog was pretty thick as we neared the lower end of Penny Island.heron


We passed by a lot of seagulls and some brown pelicans resting on the beach while heading to the mouth area.birds


Here we are near the closed river’s mouth. There’s a guy in a row boat in the background picking up an old tire to take to the garbage. The fog thinned a little, but not much.ray


Ken retrieving an old tire

Here’s Ken in his row boat. He paddled over and we shot the bull for a bit then he took off to get some more trash. Ken was the only other person we saw on the water today.ken


Flooded Penny Island

We paddled over to the flooded Penny Island’s lower end and paddled on into the island and sat around an enjoyed the place for a bit, sitting here.island


We paddled up the island back channel and were going to go ashore on the upper end, but the water was at a level that made getting out of our boats not too easy so we decided to go up to Telescope and try and get out there instead.

Just as we were about to leave the upper end of Penny Island Ray says there’s two caterpillars on the grass. I go over to have a look at one of the caterpillars which was on some grass about six inches above the rising water.piller


Hunkered down

We crossed over to the south bank were we went past this great blue heron hunkered down to stay warm.heron3


Poison Oak Alley Trail

We paddled on up to Telescope and checked it out to land. It looked like there was just enough room for us to land there, so we did.trail


That put us on the Poison Oak Alley Trail. We first started down the trail, but we only got about fifty feet before we ran into a part of the trail that was flooded, so we turned around and went up the trail instead.

Here’s a picture from the trail looking down the river in the fog which has thinned a little bit.river


The trail went by these cormorants resting on a log in the water.birds3


We didn’t go far, only up to this spot I call Eagle’s landing where we sat for a bit before turning back down the trail.trail3


On the way back I almost stepped on this slug which is about six inches long.slug


We made it back to our boats and got back in the water and headed back down the river which looked like this.riverfog


Even though it was foggy it was rather nice out and we took our time getting back to the boat ramp where we took our boats out and went on home for the day.

Nice day.

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