Otters and Eagles and I’m the Only One On the Water Today

Wednesday December 9, 2015 Jenner CA.

The day started out with rain

It was raining lightly as I got it going today. I checked the weather and it was supposed to stop soon, but it didn’t seem like it was going to, so I headed on down to Jenner to see if things were better there. The rain mostly stopped as I drove through Monte Rio.


I didn’t see the excavator out on the sand as I drove into Jenner this morning so I drove out to the overlook to check out the ocean and closed river mouth. There was some haze in the air, but the day looked like it might be a good one. Looking south from the overlook.ocean


The ocean was real rough with lots of big waves, so no excavator today.ocean2


Put the boat in and headed to the mouth area

I drove back to the boat ramp at the visitor center and put my boat in the water. Some rain might happen around 1PM according to the weather guys, so I put my rain pants on and paddled across the river to Penny Island and down along it’s north edge headed to the closed river’s mouth area. There were a couple bunches of harbor seals on the sand and a bunch of birds. Here’s a few of the birds, some brown pelicans and a whole bunch of seagulls.birds


Should I call it a day

I hung around the mouth area for awhile then paddled back to Penny Island and paddled onto the flooded part and then back up the north shoreline. It started to sprinkle lightly when I was on the island and I was thinking I may call it a day. But as I got nearer the boat ramp area, the rain stopped and things were clearing up and looking nice, so I continued on up the river.

Otters show up

Just past the upper end of Penny Island I was paddling along and this otter pops up by the log. Several otters showed up and started fishing there by the log.otter


This one popped up with this good sized fish and began devouring it as I watched.otterfish


I was on a slow drift towards them and eventually, they moved off headed up the side of the river as I followed.

They didn’t go too far until they pulled out and went to shore for a bit, likely for a little nap as they disappeared.otter2


Two eagles in a tree

I left them and continued on up the river to Eagle’s landing. As I was approaching, I looked up to see these two bald eagles up in the big tree. I was on a drift headed right under them so all I could do was sit still and take pictures. eagles


Eventually, they decided to fly off.eaglefly


I watched them fly across the river an circle over where the coots and ducks were and then fly up by the horses  up on the ridge.horses


They landed up there and sat and were still there when I left for the day.eagles3


Paddled up to the muskrat area

I paddled on up the river to Muskrat Next beach which was now underwater. I sat for awhile as the water was clam and flat and real enjoyable.

Eventfully I paddled across the river to the north shoreline and headed on down looking for critters and birds as I went. I went by these geese and a bunch of mud hens and ducks.geese


Milk barn reflections

I headed back across the river to Penny island and past the old milk barn which was making some good reflections in the water.barn


Water gage and some big trees floating

From there I headed over to the visitor center where I wanted to check out the water level gage. I found those big trees floating there up against the center’s deck so decided to give them a push away and hope they would float]


The gage is right at the nine foot level. I paddled up against those trees and played like a tug boat and pushed them out into the river a little.gage


The trees were big and didn’t push very easy, but I did get them out just a ways and now they will go where they will. I hit the boat ramp and loaded my boat on the car.ramp


I headed on home and that was pretty much my day for a another nice one.

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4 Responses to Otters and Eagles and I’m the Only One On the Water Today

  1. dangurney51 says:

    You had a good day out there! Otters and eagles, both. The water level is up pretty high now. Do you think the run-off from the rain will be enough to breach the river naturally?

    • Bob says:

      Hi Dan, Yes, the rain can and it looks like it’s going to do it. There looks like enough water coming down the river now to rise it up and at least go over the top of the sand and hopefully breach it.

  2. Bob Noble says:

    Hi Patti,
    I sometimes get out down there, but not too often. I tend to like to get out more up river, where I have more solitude. :O)

  3. Patti Godwin says:

    High water! Good shots today and everyday! Do you ever get out on the far right of the mouth? I like to get on the beach and see the seals in the waves and the entire Pacific Ocean. The driftwood huts are always quite a sight too even in the fog.

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