Forest Fire Rehab Work On the Largest Fire Break

Saturday December 5, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rehab work

The day was overcast and cool when I went out to take care of the chickens this morning. I looked at the thermometer and it was 48 degrees F. so wasn’t really that bad.

Rode up into the hills

After getting something to eat I put fuel in my fuel container and loaded it on the quad runner and rode up into the hills where the dozer as parked.dozer


I put the fuel in the dozer and started it up and let it warm up a bit.fuel


Tooling down the road

The place I wanted to work today was the largest fire break they made on our place so I had to drive the dozer over to it on this road.road


Rehab work

Once I made it to the fire break I started putting water drains in and reopening our roads that they’d plugged up with dirt and trees.firebreak


I’m going up an old logging skid road here which is a lot steeper than the picture looks, almost too steep for me. I’ll back down the hill with the blade down to smooth out the road. I did a lot of that on this fire break today. I also put water drains in them.skid


I smoothed out this part and put drainage in it working down the hill.break


Quitting time

I worked all day on this fire break fixing it up and it got half dark on me before I quit and parked here.parked


No lights

It was half dark and getting darker quick but the quad runner was up the hill and over a bit so I had to walk up this real steep skid road. I was puffing and sweating by the time I got to the top and on the main road. The dozer was only a few hundred yards down the main road but it was getting darker fast and the quad’s headlight didn’t work. It was dark enough I had to lighten up this picture so you could see it.hill


I made it back to the quad and rode on down the hill carefully keeping both eyes open for the boggy man.

I only ran off the road once and fortunately I ran onto another road which was alright except when I ran over the twelve inch diameter log across the road I didn’t’ see when coming back on the right road. It happened fast and the quad jumped in the air and I was ok and was able to keep on going. Maybe there’s worse things than the boggy  man up there.

Anyway I continued on home and made it ok.

I checked on the chickens and shut them up for the night.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I imagine no one comes back up and does this rehab work, which is why the rains do so much damage after fires. Good for you for helping save the area from mudslides and even more damage.

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