Forest Ride and Hunting Wild Mushrooms

Tuesday December 26, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

Barry and I took off for a ride in the forest. We didn’t get far before we ran into this downed tree across the road. Fortunately the log had broken in half when it fell, so Barry was able to move enough of the log for us to pass by.log1


Hunting wild mushrooms

Barry had his eyes open for some wild mushrooms, so we stopped here so he could look for some.barry2


And then we stopped here where he started to find some of the wild mushrooms.trail3


He’d brought a plastic bag along just in case. These particular mushrooms are real small so you have to look close and to top that off, they blend in with the ground so you have to look real carefully for them.pickeing4


There’s a clump of them in this picture.mushrooms5


He was doing well, finding quite a few of them.picking6



These are called Black Chanterelles and according to Barry, quite tasty. I haven’t tried these ones yet.

Here’s a close up of them.mushrooms7


Break area

Eventually we made it up to our break area at the top of the hill. Tom came by on his bike and joined up for a bit.break8


The view looking south towards San Francisco.forest9


The sky was clouding up as there was some rain on it’s way in for tonight.dky10


After a good ride we made it back to my house.


This is the bag of wild mushrooms that Barry collected today.bag11


Nice day.

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