Rainy, Forest Ride, Outa Gas, Walk Home

Wednesday December 27, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It started raining in the wee hours of the morning. The weather guys said it’d stop around two. I was thinking I could go for a ride up into the forest and check out the waterfall at that time,,,,,,,,,,,,But.

It didn’t let up until about four, so I had about an hour to go for that ride. Being in the house all day, I got on my rain gear and took off for the hills heading for the waterfall.


With all the rain, I expected the waterfall to be bigger than it was, but it was still nice. I parked the bike and walked the short distance to the waterfall to check it out.waterfall


The waterfall looked pretty good and made a lot of noise.pool


Looking back from the fall at all the green ferns and trees. Did you notice the bike had fallen over down there.ferns


Bike down

With the ground soft from all the rain, the kick stand wouldn’t hold up the bike and it fell over.bike


Out of gas

I got the bike back up and rode on  up the hill and was starting on my way back home when the bike stopped. I figured it had run out of gas when it wouldn’t stay started.

Walking home

It was mostly down hill back to my place, but there were some flat spots. When I hit the first flat spot, I parked the bike and started my two or three mile walk back to my place.

Dark in the forest

It was fairly dark in the forest as I went down this trail.trail


I turned onto this trail, watching for the bogyman.trail2


It was still light enough to see where I was going. I needed to keep moving as I didn’t have a light.trail3


Old apple tree

Once out of the forest it was a bit lighter. I spied this apple tree that still had some apples on it. These apples are crispy and real tasty in this state, so I picked one to eat on the rest of the way home.apples


Once home, I removed all my wet stuff and hung it up to dry.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Rainy, Forest Ride, Outa Gas, Walk Home

  1. Barb says:

    Have you ever seen anything extraordinary in the dark woods?

  2. Judith says:

    On foot in the lush woods at dark time…..

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