Forest Ride and Skiddy’s Hood Repair

Wednesday January 3, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rain stopped

It rained all night and stopped sometime in the morning before I got it going.

Forest ride

Barry showed up so Tom and I joined him for a ride up into the forest. The ground was a bit wet and slippery from the rain so we had to be extra careful.


The first place we stopped was at the waterfall to check it out.ferns


It may not be very big but it is a real nice little fall.falls2


Wild mushrooms

We rode around for awhile then stopped here so Barry could hunt for some wild mushrooms.bikes3


He did find some of the kind he was looking for.shrooms4



Next we rode by this spring so we stopped to get a drink of water.spring5


Downed trees

We rode around some  more then made our way to my cousin’s place and stopped to get this little tree out of the road so we could pass.tree6


We didn’t get far before we ran into another small tree, but we couldn’t move this one so had to turn around and go another way.tree7


And going a different way, we ran into this one and couldn’t get by it so were able go go into the forest a bit and go around it.tree8


At the top

And we finally made it to our break area at the top for a break.view9


The clouds in the sky made for a nice view.sky10


From there, we started heading home.

Skiddy repair

I’d noticed the engine hood was popping up while I was running it. At first I thought I’d just backed into a tree but it opened a couple more times when I knew I didn’t run into any trees.

I checked it out closely and found the latch wasn’t adjusted right and wasn’t latching, so I got my tools out and worked on adjusting it.hood11


I added some washers and got it to work, but now the lock you could put on it wouldn’t be able to fit, so I took the washers off and looked even harder and finally saw what the real problem was.catch12


This hook latch was hitting some metal so it wouldn’t latch. After studying the problem for a bit I finally decided to grind off about an eighth inch of the hook that was hitting the piece of metal. That worked and all was well. They shipped it from the factory all messed up. Someone didn’t know what they were doing as they adjusted it so it just sorta worked and stayed closed until you used it.latch13


Big tree

I walked over to Tom’s to see what was left of the big tree he had cut down and found him there putting the fence he had to take down so they could cut it down, back up. He has a lot of wood there, but it’s full of pitch so I’m not sure he’ll use it for firewood as the pitch will get all over everything.fence13


New grease gun

My new grease gun I’d ordered arrived a few days ago with a case of grease. I installed a grease cartridge and got the gun pumping grease.gun14


I thought I’d try one of these locking greaser attachments to see how it will work out.locking15


Blog transfer report

The first guy that was going to do the transfer didn’t seem to have the confidence to get the job done, but at least he passed it off to someone that seemed more confident to me.

I sit them up with passwords an such so they can get into the account late last night. Hopefully they are now working on getting the job done.

Nice day.

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