Forest Ride and Barry’s Bike Has Some Troubles

Thursday January 4, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Vanity top

After several  months our vanity top for our rental finally came in. Barry bought it out and I helped him unload it.

Forest ride

Barry says as long as he’s here, he might as well go for a ride so we took off for the hills and rode around.

We stopped here so Barry could cut some of these small Christmas trees back a bit while I watched.trimming1


Trail cam cards

We stopped and collected the trail cam cards, but I haven’t had time to check them out yet. This is our little pond. I mentioned to Barry that we needed some mosquito fish for it as earlier in the year it was full of lava. Now, where to get some?cam2



After riding around a bit more we headed up to visit my cousin and her husband. They live at the top of the mountain and this is one of their views. After a good visit and as we were leaving we went by her little water pool. I could use some of those mosquito fish. Sure. Not now I said, I’ll get some later. Thanks.view3


We rode around some more and ended up at our break area at the top of the hill.sky4


Spring and troubles

We stopped at this spring for a drink of water. I told Barry I’d gotten a lot of butt pictures lately of him. So.barry5


When we got back on our bikes, Barry’s bike was dead and wouldn’t start. What now?

We fiddled around with it and it finally came to life but we know not why.

We took off and eventually stopped here to remove this tree. The bike was dead again.tree6


Barry started coasting down the hill and was able to get it started on compression so we rode on home.

He tested it when we got back to  my place but it wouldn’t fail. Hummmmm, that’s a mystery.

Barry took off for home as the sun went behind the hills to my west.sunset7


I did some chair hopping with my chickens that were grazing around the yard.chickens8


This bunch seemed to be content and just standing around.girls9


Nice day.

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