Forest Trees Fall Almost Faster Than I Can Clean Them Up

Saturday July 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.


First thing this morning I fed the chickens.chickens1


New peeps

And I fed the little guys too. And I threw the eggs that didn’t hatch out. OK, I gave them to the other hens and they gobbled them up. They didn’t hatch as they weren’t fertile, I think as there was only egg inside of them.peeps2


I still have one other hen sitting on eggs.

Doing some work

After doing some chair hopping around the yard I felt like doing something today. Since the tools were already on the quad runner I decided to go up in the forest and do a bit of work. I knew where a tree was down on the trail that needed to be cut up so I headed on up that way.

But before I got to that tree I ran into two trees here that weren’t there yesterday.quad3


I trimmed the limbs off with the loppers and then got the saw out and started cutting the trees into small enough pieces to handle, trying to take it easy on my back as much as possible.saw4


Then I moved up the trail to the tree I came up to cut out of the way here.trees5


Log chairs

I got that tree cleaned up and off the trail and did some chair hopping for a bit. I use the small redwood logs for chairs and was thankful I found the chairs the other day as I was going to rob the logs from this spot for the other spot.logs6


These two log seat were in the same area so I was able to do some chair hopping while resting up a bit before moving on to the next spot.trail7


This was the forest view from one of those little log chairs.forest8


I hadn’t planned to go up to the waterfall area but I was day dreaming and forgot to turn around and ended up at the falls.

Waterfall area

There’s not much water coming down the falls and I was surprised there was this much.fall10


There wasn’t a pool of water there so I dug a little pool to catch some water for wild animals.water9


This was the forest view from the falls.forest11


Lost log cut up

Eventually I headed on up to the trail I was working on the other day and cut the end off this log that was in the way of the trail.log12


Good resting spot

I was pretty beat by this time so I sat in the chair and enjoyed the view resting up.chair13


The view from the chair, looking south.view14


My back wasn’t as sore as after yesterday’s work, so I did take it a bit easier today.

I headed on home and did some more resting up and a bit of watering too.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Forest Trees Fall Almost Faster Than I Can Clean Them Up

  1. Gaelyn says:

    All that tree trimming sure keeps you busy.

  2. Patsy+Irene says:

    I’m amazed at how often you are clearing the trails of trees. It keeps you busy!

    • Bob says:

      There are thousands of trees in the forest so there are always some coming down or dropping some limbs. Good exercise eh. :O)

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