Forest Walk and Broody Chickens

Saturday May 16, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Once I got it going today I went out to feed the chickens and check on their water supply.

I spent most of the day chair hopping and digging up some more blackberry vines. The sun was shinning most of the day but started to cloud up a bit later in the day.

Walk in the forest

The forest was so nice and green out so I set off for a little hike up into the hills doing a couple miles.

I walked through here.walk


And along here taking it easy, taking my time.road1


Getting wet

On the way back it started to sprinkle lightly and all I had was a light shirt so I was slowly getting wet as I entered our old apple orchard which meant I had about a half mile to go to get home before I got too wet.orchard


Broody chickens

After a break I checked on the chickens to see how they were doing.

Here’s Silvia at the nesting boxes, she’s not broody but all the others are.eggs


And here’s Goldie at the nest boxes. My broody hens are taking up most of the nest boxes but Goldie isn’t broody, she just wants to lay an egg.goldie


My second rooster’s name

Patsy wanted to know what I call my Number 2 rooster? Well of course his name is Number 2 Rooster what else eh. :O)

Chickens in the rain

It was raining lightly but the chickens went out to graze just the same. They do come in to roost early on days like this.birds


After it gets dark I go out to shut the chickens in for the night for their safety.

The broody cure

This night picture shows my broody hens which I transfer one by one up to the roosts each night to hopefully break their being broody.
So far, I’ve been moving them for just over a week and I haven’t cured any of them yet.nesters


I had a nice walk in the forest before the light rain started and even with the rain it was nice out.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Forest Walk and Broody Chickens

  1. sgsmith says:

    That makes sense. Thanks for filling me in. I’m not really knowledgeable about raising chickens

  2. sgsmith says:

    I am just curious why you won’t allow the hens to sit and hatch their eggs but insist on hatching by mechanical means.

    • Bob says:

      Hi, It’s mostly a matter of logistics. Last year I let the hens do it and they’d sit on a dozen eggs and hatch out four or five of them and then I’d have to take care of their needs all summer long as some would be nesting throughout the summer. I did learn a lot about them though. The result after doing that and some hawks getting some of them meant I really didn’t’ hatch out enough chickens for eggs and meat as with my corn allergy it takes a lot to feed me throughout the year. So this year I decided I’d try an egg incubator and get it all done and over with and hopefully do better than last year. My plan was to hatch them out early so I can have some meat birds by summers end instead of by Christmas. I got the incubator a little late but that’s my plan. Also when a hen is on a nest and nesting one doesn’t get any eggs from her so that puts a dent in things too.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Number 2 Rooster! Of course! :) Thanks Bob. I was losing sleep over that one.
    Sounds like a decent slow moving day.
    Silvia and Goldie look like guards outsider the brooders. They are beautiful hens!

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