Playing Bulldozer and Getting Some Work Done Too

Friday May 15, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Playing with the bulldozer

Sunny day and the bulldozer’s battery needed a charge which means I need to run it to charge up the battery.

I took the grease gun up with  me and greased the dozer up before starting it up.dozer


Scotch broom

I was going to drive it up to the top of the hill and clear a bunch of Scotch Broom off the main road as it’s taking over the road and is also a bad fire hazard.

So I headed down this road.forest



And up this road that is also pretty brushy but these are huckleberries and I can still get by so I’m leaving them alone.road1


Almost to the top of the hill here, just up ahead.road2


Brushed out this road

This is the  main dirt road and was completely blocked with the bushes for about a half mile but I failed to get a picture of that. I had to go up and down the road about 8 times to clear off all the brush. That will only slow it down for a couple years and it will grow back.brush


Fallen tree

After that I went over and pushed this tree off the road. Well, I tried and got most of it but some of it hung up on all the other trees. A little chainsaw work is needed but not today.trees


Joy riding

From there I headed down the hill a bit through here.road3


And I parked the dozer in this spot about half way up the hill.parked


Short walk

From there I had about a mile to walk back to where my quad runner was parked.

Lots of water

I  walked by the water tanks and and looked across to see  how full of water the tanks were. They were clear up to the top, full.tanks


Strawberries and squash

I made it back to my quad runner and hopped on and headed for my brother’s strawberry patch.

I noticed his squash plants are doing well.plants


It looks like we’ll have some squash real soon.zoo


But for now I had strawberries on my mind so I headed over to the berry patch here. Lots of berries on the ground from the recent rains messing them up. My brother had just picked most of the good ones for the weekend markets but I was able to find enough to enjoy.patch


I continued on home and it was almost dark so I checked on the chickens and went in the house for a rest.

And that was my day playing around in the woods with the bull dozer.

Nice day.

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