Fresh Salmon From Port Orford Oregon and Some Domestic Type Work

Wednesday December 20, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Some domestic chores today

I didn’t sleep well last night because of my corn thing so I didn’t get up until around noon.

When I went outside it was rather cool so I didn’t stay out there but came back in the house for a nap.

As long as I was in the house where it was warm I thought I might attempt a bit of house work so I got the vacuum out and ran it around a bit.

Clutter mess

My kitchen table has been a rather clutter mess for a few years  now, so I cleaned it up throwing most of the stuff in the  garbage.

I was on a  roll. I scrubbed a section of my kitchen floor. Still have more to go, but I got a good start.

That’s what I did during the day light hours.

Got the woodstove going

Just before dark I split up a few pieces of firewood and got the wood stove going, so now the house is nice and toasty.

Fresh salmon from Oregon

At 8PM I drove down to town, Guerneville. I was meeting a friend at the Bullpen bar. He was bringing me down some fresh frozen salmon just caught up in Oregon.

I stopped the car here and got out to see if he was at the Bullpen yet, off to the left.town1


I went into the Bullpen bar to see and he wasn’t around yet.

Main street Guerneville

So I went back outside to have a look up and down main street Guerneville as it’s something I rarely do.

Here’s looking east on  main street.town2


And here’s looking west down main street.town3


I walked up the street a bit heading east and looked around some more.town4


The bar was behind the Rexall place so I headed back to see if my friend was in the bar yet.town5


Oregon salmon

He was there. He likes to play pool there. He jus drove down from Port Orford Oregon and had some salmon for me.

He gave me the salmon and we shot the bull for a bit, then I left so he could play pool and I headed for home.

That was my day.

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One Response to Fresh Salmon From Port Orford Oregon and Some Domestic Type Work

  1. Karen says:

    So nice to hear that you were able to get some wild caught, fresh salmon.
    Wild caught seafood is all we buy now, since reading about it in
    DR. Gundry’s book. He pointed out that unless it is wild caught, all farm raised seafoods are made up of corn or soybeans being fed to the fish. How awful!

    I am enjoying your blog, thank you!

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