Watching the Harbor Seals Eat Big Fish at Jenner Today

Thursday December 21, 2017 Jenner CA.

Warm clothes for a cool day

I knew it would be cool at Jenner today, so I put on the warm shirts and drove on down there.

I put the boat in the water and crossed over to Penny Island and decided to go up river a ways.river1


What are these guys up too

Just past the island I ran into some harbor seals doing something in the water.seals2


So I pulled into this spot to watch them as I figured they had some big fish.river2


Eating fish

This one looked a bit strange when I realized that was a big fish tail there.seal2


So I sat and watched as they devoured the big fish.seal3


You have to be fast to get photos

The seals mostly eat underwater, but they  have to come up for air after a few minutes, so I watch and wait for them to surface, sometimes just for a moment and they are back under the water.

Looks like they’ve eaten most of the big fish, except the  head.sealfish4


Taking a bite

They one surfaced and took a bite of the fish, yum.sealbite5


A loon moved in close hoping to get a bite.sealloon6


After things settled down I continued up  the river to Eagle’s landing and sat a bit then decided to turn and head back towards the mouth.river7


To the mouth or not

Here I am at the upper end of Penny Island. There’s a cool breeze coming off the ocean and I’m not sure if I want to go down that way or not.island7


I continued down along Penny Island to this spot where I stopped for a bit. I can see the mouth from here.island8


I could see the mouth was open, but I still wasn’t sure I wanted to go down there or not.mouth8


Headed to the open mouth

I continued down along the island and when I got to the end I started across towards the open mouth.

Just a poor little bird

I spied these turkey vultures eating something which I though might be what’s left of a big fish, but no, it was a small duck they were devouring.vultures9


Open mouth

I paddled over to the river’s mouth an sat here for a bit watching as the big waves broke over the jetty rocks.mouth9


I hung there for about a half hour then started on back going by these seagulls resting.birds10


I headed on in along this shore, the boat ramp is up ahead.ramp11


Checking Monte Rio for fish action

I pulled the boat out and drove back to Monte Rio where I stopped at the boat  ramp to see if there was any fish action today.

I could see there were more boat trailers in the parking lot and some guys in the slot down there.rio12


I asked Bill if anyone was catching anything, but he didn’t think so. I know there are more fish coming up this way from what I saw down at Jenner today so maybe the fishing will improve.

I drove on home where the sun had already gone behind the mountains on my west and it was too cold outside so I went in the house and did some cooking and that was my day.

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