Ajo To Horse Tank Camp In the Kofa

Wednesday March 16, 2022 Ajo, Kofa, Arizona

Travel day

I said good bye to Gaelyn. Nice camping and exploring with her.

Then I took off and stopped in at the BobCats and said a quick good bye to them and I was on my way to Ajo to gas up and shop and get some water.

That didn’t take long and I was on my way north to Gila Bend to hit the freeway west to Dateland where I wanted to make a stop.

Headed up the highway to Gila Bend.road1



I wanted to stop at Dateland to visit an old friend if she was there as it’s her second home, so I cruised down highway 8 for a couple hours to Dateland.road2


I decided to buy some dates in Dateland and then drove the short distance to Madeline’s place. I drove on past it to a rock quarry I knew about and napped and took it easy for a few hours.

Still kicking or not

Then I went over to where her house was to see if she was home or not. I wasn’t real sure if she was still kicking or not.

Her house is left  most one.dateland3


Flags were down

Her gate was locked so I didn’t think she was home when I remembered the people here put up their flags when they are in residence here, like the house on the right. But her flag was down so she wasn’t here.houses4


Dome Valley

So back on highway 8 west where I turned on the Dome Valley road  headed for  highway 95 north.

Going through Dome Valley which is a huge agriculture area.dome5



I was headed a couple hours up 95 where I turned off at Kings Valley road headed for Horse Tank in the Kofa where I was going to camp for the night.

No one else was there so I had the pick of the camp spots. The road in off of King’s Valley road is a bit rough and bumpy.road6


And there are a view steep climbs out of some washes but nothing the old van can’t handle.road7


Kofa camp

I camped here where I usually do around 5 in the afternoon. Nap time.camp8


Another view of my camp spot.camp9


Short walk

I didn’t have any cell phone service here so I went out for a short walk around the camp in the evening.cactus10


There were a few very small wild flowers just getting started for the year.flowers11


Raven making a living

This raven came by to check me out. It was really just looking for scraps laying around. They check all the camp spots everyday and that’s how most of them make their living out here.raven12


Nice day.

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3 Responses to Ajo To Horse Tank Camp In the Kofa

  1. Have been to that Horse Tank and Gray Tank area a couple times and I like it there. We once took that rough and tumble Jeep road all the way down to and through the Castle Dome Museum to highway 95 then back up to Kofa. It was a great drive and your van could do it no problem.

  2. Jeff Pierce says:

    Hi Bob Jeff here – I found your site from our mutual geogypsy blog.
    We always stop at Dateland when passing by. Their DateShakes are the best!

  3. Gaelyn says:

    Good to see you made it safely to King Valley. I had signal there before but probably not as far out as you. BobCats stopped by after I shot the moon last night. This morning I put up another video. Thanks for the prompting and support.

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