Garrison Lake, Paradise Point and Port Orford Harbor

Monday February 5, 2018 Port Orford Oregon

Checking out Garrison Lake

I drove over to Garrison lake in Port Orford today about noon. It was just a little windy with a cool breeze off the ocean when I arrived so I parked to think about it.lake1


I watched this guy launch his boat and go out and test it out, then come back and try and get on back on the trailer.boat2


This guy needs a  little help

The wind was just strong enough to blow his boat sideways and get it on the trailer crocket.. I watched him try to get it several times then went over to offer some help holding the boat while he pulled the trailer up. That did the trick. The boat looked like a nice one. He said he was testing it so he could sell it.boat3


Other side of the lake

I left there and drove over to the other side of the lake just to check it out. The same cool breeze was there too so I just looked. I was feeling lazy anyway.lake4


Paradise Point Road

I continued on the road around lake garrison which took me onto the Paradise Point road which went to Paradise Point.

This was the view off Paradise Point as I pulled into the parking lot and parked.beacj5


I’m parked here fro a couple hours.van6


Did some cooking

I was hungry so I cooked up a stir fry of string beans and bean sprouts with green onions.stirfry8


I spent the rest of the time there watching the waves and napping a bit.ocean7


Port Orford Harbor

Around 5 I drove down to the Port Orford Harbor to see what was going on.

Most of the crab pots were now gone and in the water. Just a few left.pots9


I watched them pull this boat out of the water with the big crane.crane10


These guys were dropping the crab pots over the side to the fishing boat below.pots12


Down comes the crab pots which the boat will take out to the crabbing area.potload11


I watched the big crane take this boat out of the water for the day. No boats are left in the water as there is no safe place for them here so all are hauled out daily.crane12


One of the smaller cranes dropping crab pots over the side to a waiting boat below.workers13


Retuning fishing boat

Here’s one of the fishing boats returning to the harbor near the end of the day.boat14


I headed back to my van as the sun was setting for the day.van15


Time to head back to Steve’s place for the day.

That was it for me today. Nice day.

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