Getting Things Together, Including My Head To Do This Van Rewire Job

Thursday July 22, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Howell Industries

That’s where I got my computer upgrade for my old van. They use the GM parts so everything is interchangeable.

Wiring harness

I needed a new computer wiring harness and I wasn’t even sure they were still in business after the virus thing.

So I dialed their number and all I got was the phone dialing forever so I figured oh, oh, maybe the virus got them.

That’s better

So I did some stuff and called again a bit later and noted I miss-dialed the number, so maybe that’s what I did the first time, an older age thing I think. :O)

Anyway I got an answer and the lady was able to find me on their computer so knew exactly what I had and I ordered up a new computer harness for  300 dollars which I was happy to pay as without it the fix for the van would be a lot harder. So, it’s on it’s way or will be.

Fans ordered up

I ordered up the two electric radiator fans last night so they are on the way. Next I need to get a distributor and plug wires.

Other stuff

I spent some time chair hopping thinking what I will need to do the repairs. Need some wire and some wire connector stuff and some shrink tubing.

And I need to find where I can buy steal brake line for my gas lines long enough to make the connection with one piece.

If I get some wiring stuff I can get started on rewiring the van’s burned up wires.

That’s a relief

I was happy to get that wiring harness ordered, just knowing I could still get one.

Back outside for chair hopping and thinking on things and just enjoying the nice day.

Clogged sprinkler

I put the water on this volunteer peach tree as it doesn’t unusually get much water and the sprinkler shot out funny like this. Clogged up.sprinkler


So without turning the water off I got a little stick and unclogged it getting a bit wet myself, but the sun was out.

Now it’s working as it should and the little peach tree should be happy getting this drink.water


Rodent trap upgrades

I also worked on this rodent trap. I’m working on that green metal piece to form it so it extends the trip tray so they can’t just  jump over it or crawl over on the wire cage. I’ll screw that metal piece to the trip tray but not today.trap


I chair hopped around the yard until it got dark then I shut the chickens up for the night.

Nice day.

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One Response to Getting Things Together, Including My Head To Do This Van Rewire Job

  1. Patrick Brown says:

    Wow, a definite score on the wiring harness. Pretty difficult to reproduce those things with all the various connector types used.

    NAPA auto used to carry steel line, but usually limited to 5-6 feet length. I see summit racing carries 25 foot coils of aluminum, copper-nickel alloy, and 304 stainless hardlines. Your choice!


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