Got Started Replacing the Van’s Burnt Engine Wires

Sunday August 1, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Working on replacing the engine wires

I opened up the van to get ready to work on replacing the burnt wires. I think I know what I need to do so I did get started but slowly.van


Just keep at it

I cut these wires and soldered some new ones that were a bit longer into place. My soldering iron was a bit small for the large wires so I had a hard time getting the bigger wires spliced in but persistence pays off, it just took a lot longer.engine


Tools and wrong heat shrink tubing

The tools I used to splice in the new wires. After soldering the wires I put heat shrink tubing over the splices. That’s when I found the shrink tubing I bought was too small but fortunately I had some larger stuff laying around so I could keep


On and off

I worked and then chair hopped and then did some more wiring on and off all day long.

I was able to get about  half the wires installed but not all hooked up yet. I did  most of the larger wires so what’s left is mostly the smaller wires which should go faster, maybe.

New wiring harness

Here’s what my new wiring harness is looking like so far from the top of the engine.wires


Everything is going together although a bit slowly, but slow gets the job done, hopefully right.

Nice day.

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