Going to San Francisco for My VA Appointment and Working on the Old Toyota

Monday October 23, 2017 San Francisco CA.

Traveling at night to avoid traffic

I had a VA appointment at 8:30 this morning. It’s about a two hour drive from my house down 101 and across the Golden Gate Bridge. I left about 2:30 AM to avoid the traffic.

Golden Gate Bridge is empty

Not too many people on the bridge at this time of day which is why I’m here.bridge


My spot

I pulled into the parking garage into this spot. I had a bed in the car so I could snooze.car


Between snoozes I’d walk around the hospital.

Things are pretty quiet when I arrived.hosp


Night animals out in the city

I did noticed a number of raccoons doing their thing at this hour like they owned the place.

I walked around the hospital. This spot overlooks the ocean in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Some famous trails there.battle


As it got light I took another walk around the hospital. Here’s the famous trails in the day light.battles


You can see the Golden Gate Bridge off to the right with a big ship coming in.gate


Watching the hospital come alive

But before day light things started to pick up around the hospital with workers arriving.hos2


At about day break lots of employees began to arrive and some patients too.pickup


My last walk around the hospital before my early appointment.oceanview


This is in front of the cafeteria overlooking the ocean.tables


This is the view from that spot.golden


I finally see the Doc

Finally Dr. Clark called me in. He said his boss the head Dermatologist was interested in my case and would I be interested in working with them.

It appeared my rash was improving a little, so we made another appointment in December as I agreed I’d work with them a bit.

So I had a chat with his boss. He seemed pretty knowledgeable about this stuff so that was encouraging.

Picking up paint on the way home

I headed on home from there stopping to pick up some paint for my Toyota project.

I tried to nap when I got home, but that just wasn’t working, so I went outside and started some work on my Toyota.

Working on the Toyota project

I needed to use the wire brush on my drill to remove a lot of old paint and corrosion under where the new gas tank will go.

I painted the area and let it dry. It needs more coats, but is looking pretty good.redpaint


Crack needs welding up

During the process of cleaning things up, I noticed this crack in the metal where the seat bolts in. I’ll have to weld that up and repaint it.weldup


I puttered with that until it started to get cold outside when I quit for the day.

And that was my day.

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  1. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Glad to read your rash is improving. I like the red you painted on your jeep, and hope you keep us updated on the work you do to it. That red would make for a great body color too when you get it going again!

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