Annual VA Appointment and Some Costco Shopping

Monday November 28, 2022 Guerneville CA.

No riding today

When I looked out the window this morning my brother Barry was outside with his truck and dirt bike. I went out to talk with him but told him I couldn’t go riding today as I had an appointment with the VA for my annual checkup.

He took off for the hills and I went back inside until I had to leave for my appointment about a half hour drive away.

They  just built this new place in a new location and it was my first time there so I allowed a little extra time.

The new VA place as I pulled into the parking


Most of my lab tests were real good and what wasn’t was still ok with me. I had an understanding Doc that wasn’t pushy about anything, just the way I like it.

I left there headed for Costco, but since it was a new place I got lost trying to get out of there and headed in the right direction for Costco, but I finally got going right and I was shortly at Costco after checking with my GPS thingy.

I got  my normal stuff and a couple warm shirts as they were out for the winter season. And of course I bought a few other food things, just because I could.

I got back on the road  headed for home just before 5 and was happy when I got out of the go-home type traffic for the city and onto the country roads.

I got home just in time to put the chickens away for the night and unloaded all my goodies.

Nice day.

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