Undecided On the Van Work So Went For a Walk In the Forest Instead

Saturday July 31, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Tried to start work on the van but

I opened up the van and got ready to get to work on it, but I hadn’t made up my mind on how I want to run the new wires yet. The old way was a little short but worked ok but now that I had to replace them all I could make them a bit longer and route them in a better way around the engine, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that.van


Not quite sure

I removed the engine cover and studied the situation but wasn’t able to make up my mind just yet so I did some chair hopping and thought about it.engine


Headed up into the forest instead

Eventually I decided riding the quad runner up into the forest would be a better idea than working on the van so I hopped on the quad and road on up into the redwood forest. I wanted to check out this area so I went for a walk through here.forest


I tried to get down through this creek but was blocked so I had to go around it.ferns


Forest ride and check the water

I went far enough to get some good exercise then hopped back on the quad runner and rode around the roads for a bit before going up this road to check the water tanks water level which was full.road


More chair hopping

Back home I had a little nap and thought about working on the van but I was still undecided so I chair hopped instead.

I checked on these grapes that are starting to ripen. I ate a few of the riper ones.grapes


And I had a few mulberries off the mulberry tree. I’m finding a few ripe black ones to eat.mulberries


Fresh prunes getting ripe

And I noticed the prunes were getting ripe so I ate some of them. Most people have never had a fresh prune as mostly only the dried ones are available in stores. The fresh ones are very good.prunes


Sun setting

I chair hopped around the yard until the sun went down. My chair view of the sun setting over the forest.sky


Well I think I know what and how I want to do the van wiring. I closed up the van for the night and that was it, I went on in the house for the night.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Undecided On the Van Work So Went For a Walk In the Forest Instead

  1. Talking Head says:

    only way is the correct way no more fires my friend

  2. OFM says:

    You are ahead of me. I would have to do it wrong a few more times before I accidentally find out the best way.

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