Guerneville Dam to Vacation Beach Dam and Back, Kayaking

Tuesday September 17, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

I thought we should do this one before they take the dams out, soon

My older brother Mike came by this morning to kayak for the day. The wind seemed to be up at Jenner, so it seemed like a good idea to kayak from Guerneville at Johnson’s beach dam, to the Vacation Beach dam and back again. It’s not a very long yak, a couple miles down and a couple miles back.

We put in at the Guerneville dam at Johnson’s beach around eleven AM on the backside of the dam and headed on down the river at a leisurely pace.

This is the view we saw as we headed down the river just below the Guerneville dam.riverview2


Here’s another view of the river. We took a left turn here and entered the little side channel, under the bridge which is to the left out of sight, by the gravel.riverview1


This is the old bridge we went under to enter the little side channel. The channel goes down about a quarter mile or so and comes back out on the river.sidechannel


This is the river view as we came out of the channel back to the river.riverview3


We continued on down the river stopping often. This is one of the places we stopped for awhile.breakarea


Continuing on down the river, we came to the Vacation Beach summer dam which can be seen below as we approached it.vacationbeachdam


We took a break in the dam area, but it was a bit warm so we didn’t stay too long.

Here is the view from this dam, looking across it.lowerdam


We turned around at this dam and headed back up the river taking our time.

This is the view coming back up to the Guerneville dam area.riverview4


As we approached the dam area, this lady came down and watered her horse.IMG_0944


That’s not a sight one sees on the river much these days.johnsonsbeachdam


Here’s a picture taken just below the Guerneville summer dam looking up river, just before we left the river.johnsonsdam

We took our boats out of the water and went on home.

Another nice day on the Russian River.

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