Jenner Night Kayaking Looking for the Lumens

Monday September 16, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Almost a full moon, so not likely to find many lumens

I started out the day doing some more work on our spring water supply. I wanted to measure all the water coming out of each spring and also the total amount of water going into our tanks.

First, I needed some more plastic pipe which I found down near the water tanks.

Here is a picture of the water tanks and the pipe I picked up there to do some repairs up higher on the supply line to the tanks.tanks


While I was there, I checked the level of the water in the water tanks by looking at the ball gage, which you can see in the photo below. It’s looking good, almost three quarters full.



I rode up the hill where the water springs were and measured the water coming down the hill by using a gallon paint can and measuring how long it takes to fill the can up. For instance, if the can takes two minutes to fill, that would be a half gallon of water per minute. As it was we had just over two gallons of water going into the tanks each minute, which works out to about 2680 gallons of water a day.

This is a photo of the measuring of the water going into the can. water


After that, I went up the hill to where the main spring comes out of the ground and measured that too and since it was such a nice area, I took a little break there too, before continuing on with my spring work.

This is the upper main spring area where I did a measurement and took a good break.breakarea


I was home about three PM and took a nap and then cooked up something to eat and had another nap.

At 5:30 PM, I left for Jenner where I was meeting some friends to go out for a night kayak, looking for some lumens. There was almost a full moon out tonight, so I expected the lumens to get washed out with too much moon light and that’s about what happened.

Here are some of us heading up the river just before dark. The wind came up and helped push us up the river. We took our time going up at a leisurely pace, although the wind helped move us along.upview


There was a 5.9 foot high tide at about nine PM tonight, which is good to see lumens, but not if the moon was real bright, which it was.

This was what it looked like as the sun was going down on the other side of that hill out of our site as we were heading up river away from the sunset.windup


The wind started to die for the evening just as we approached Seal Heaven as can be seen in the photo below, just before it was getting dark.upriver


We made it up to Markham pool just before it got dark and sat around leisurely there waiting for it to get darker. Very pleasant as the wind has died and it was fairly light out with the rising moon.

After it got dark, or as dark as it was going to get we started on down the river looking for lumens, mostly to no avail as it was just too bright out.

We were able to find a little sparkle in the dark, where there was shade from the moon, but it was pretty poor, all the way down past eagle’s landing. I was able to find a little under some trees that were overhanging the water, but most places it was just too light. We also picked up some more wind after going under the highway one bridge until we got down to Penny Island were it settled down again for a nice finish up for the night. We got back to the Jenner visitors center just after eleven and all had a great time, even though we didn’t see many lumens. The moon washed out the lumens, but that just meant we had a nice night out paddling around in the moon light.

Had a nice day and night too.

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