Heading North, Colorado to Utah and Camped at Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Thursday August 16, 2017 Colorado and Utah

Colorado to Utah driving North

Marty and Patty were slow getting it going this morning, but that was ok. We don’t have be anywhere and we don’t have a schedule and we are retired. That’s all we need.

We got on the road just before 11 and headed north on highway 141 on this road.road1


We spent quite a bit of time travelling north on that road through some nice country.road2


We continued on switching to some other roads that go north through this valley.rpad3


We pulled over here for lunch and a break.break4


Driving into Utah

Somewhere along the way we entered Utah and continued along this nice road.road5


We’re  not use to traffic

Most of these roads had low traffic which was just fine with us as we’ve been in the back country a lot and aren’t used to lots of people right now.road6


We had a little rain along the way, but not enough to wash the vans off.rain7


Highway 191 North

We climbed up in altitude a bit and went through this area of quaking aspens. I think we are on highway 191 north here.road8


Looking for a camp spot

We were now on highway 44 and travelling along.

Marty started to look for a camp spot in this area, but found it to be too  high, about 8, 800 feet, so we travelled on until we dropped a couple thousand feet.road9


Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Here we are dropping fast down to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir where we hope to find a camp spot.road10


The first road we took to look for a camp spot was too controlled, so we drove a bit further to this spot on the reservoir.

Looks like a nice camp spot with low bugs, almost none so far.camp11


This is our view of the reservoir from our camp spot.lake


Looks like a nice spot for a camp.

Nice day.

Posted from Montpelier Idaho

I’m headed over to the Jarbidge area to cross over Nevada to Oregon.

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